Street Sign Installation: Becoming an Expert

Street sign installation is of the utmost importance. Imagine a road with no sign indicating the speed limit or where to stop. Without propert signage, there would be chaos. Accidents would be caused and innocent motorists or pedestrians could be seriously injured.

Street Sign Installation: Complying with Proper Standards

street sign installation
Handicap Sign

In a parking lot, ADA regulations stipulate that handicap parking must be available. Handicap signs help to indicate handicap parking spots. The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) requires all roads have street sign installation indicating the speed limit. For example, the speed limit on the Garden State Parkway is between 55 and 65 miles per hour. Depending on one’s preference, street sign installation can be completed using a wood or square steel post. 

Street Sign Installation: The Fine Details

street sign installation
A street sign being installed using a square steel post.

The FHA mandates that all street signs must be a certain height and distance from the road. A thorough knowledge of height and distance requirements is a must in order to avoid costly fines. The following article will provide readers with the proper knowledge regarding street sign installation

Sign Installation Guide

A how-to guide regarding street signs. The article details proper street sign installation, height, and distance requirements. Readers will also be walked through the installation process, step-by-step.

Street Sign Installation can be tricky. If you do not wish to attempt the project yourself, we are here to help. We will install and repair all types of signage. 


Property Maintenance at the CAI Conference & Expo

The 2013 CAI-NJ Conference & Expo has expanded and will take place at the Revel Resort & Casino in Atlantic City as opposed to the Raritan Center. The event will take place from October 23-24. The show offers attendees a chance to mingle with property maintenance and other business professionals. 

Talking Property Maintenance at the Conference

Property Maintenance at its finestPlenty of networking opportunities exist outside the tradeshow floor. For the first time, CAI will host the CAI Conference Golf Outing at Galloway Country Club on October 23. Later that evening, the annual Pre-networking reception will take place at the Revel. Another first is an after party hosted by Rezkom, C&L Services, JGS Insurance, High Tech Landscapes, and Hill Wallack. All these events give people the chance to interact with other companies that offer property maintenance services such as line striping, crack filling, seal coating, and sweeping. Attendees will run into someone who either needs or is in need of property maintenance services.

Property Maintenance on the Tradeshow Floor

On October 24, those who are interested will be able to walk the tradeshow floor and gather additional information about property maintenance services and their importance. Other businesses such as engineering firms, accounting firms, and lawyers will be in attendance. Educational seminars covering various topics will be offered through out the day. 

Also going on is the first ever CAI Food Drive. Whomever is interested may donate non perishable items such as canned goods, pasta, and salad dressing. Many people in Atlantic City are struggling to put food on the table. This food driver is a way to help those families that are in need.  To view the flyer, click here.