3 Services Your Property Needs RIGHT Now

After what felt like a never-ending winter, it seems as if the weather has finally broke! With the warmer weather, comes areas of opportunities3 Services on one’s property. The cold, harsh winter caused many asphalt surfaces to take a beating. Potholes are all over and cracks need to be filled. The sides of buildings as well as the surrounding pavements are littered with dirt. Now is the time to focus on these 3 major areas of opportunity: pothole patching, crack filling, and power washing.

Pothole Patching

Driving into potholes puts tremendous strain on a person’s car and will damage their tires. Pothole patching should be done as soon as possible in order to avoid further damage to the pavement.

How Potholes Form During the Winter

Every winter, it is the same old story. Potholes form due to the cold weather and wreak havoc for millions of drivers. Potholes have been known to cause expensive damages to the cars and tires. Follow the link below to see a visual on the formation of potholes.

How does a pothole form? http://www.usatoday.com/story/weather/2014/02/19/pothole-graphic/5609055/

Crack Filling

Like potholes, cracks can be found all over most pavements. Moisture from rain or snow will seep into the soil and the asphalt’s sub-base below the pavement, causing cracks to form. Left unfilled, cracks will allow rain and moisture to flow through the asphalt and erode base materials, resulting in pavement failure. Reach out to an experienced contractor who can handle your crack filling needs.

Crack Filling in Pictures Power Washing

Power washing will remove all the dirt, grime, and oil stains off the concrete or on the side of a building. Power washing will enable your property to look brand-new. Whatever company you choose, make sure they use hot water and environmentally-friendly detergents. For more information about power washing, click here.