A Closer Look At C&L Services | A Company Culture Built on Positivity, Hard Work and Fun!

C&L Services has been providing street sweeping services throughout New Jersey for nearly 50 years. Once a small startup with just a few employees, this third-generation company has grown over the decades.  One of the main reasons for their continued success is building a positive work environment that is focused on employee’s happiness and a culture that encourages each employee to thrive.

“The folks that work here take up the lions share of my day; our responsibility is to drive home the company culture. We spend a lot of time supporting personal and professional goals of our employees,” says Loring Dunton VP of Operations of C&L Cervices.

Everyone at C&L Services works as a team. Vince Granby, Operations Supervisor says “I would describe C&L as family-oriented company providing quality sweeping service for over 200 shopping centers in New Jersey.” C&L Services provides sweeping and property maintenance services to shopping centers, malls, office complexes, parking garages and more. Each crew member is professionally trained and certified which leads to higher rate of customer satisfaction, repeat business, and growth opportunity.

“We want to provide the best experience possible to the client no matter what, everyone here plays a role in that.” He continued, “When the hard work is complete and once the customer is satisfied, that’s when the fun here at C&L begins.” Among other events, the picnics for the employees happen twice per year including the annual “Tug of War” contest. All staff is encouraged to bring the entire family for food, games and fun. Rumor has it, Gabe Vitale Jr. took this year’s Championship belt during the tug of war contest. (albeit through some dubious team stacking, says our unnamed source on the losing side).

“In C&L’s company culture, one of our core values is fun. Making sure you are having fun in your job is important to us and we understand if our people are happy, the employees will make the customers happy.” Say Gabe Vitale Sr.

The street sweeping business has changes over the years as well. C&L Services, located in Jackson NJ, has recently introduced many new services to its customers. Now providing the full gamut of property maintenance services, including garage scrubbing, power washing, pavement maintenance (concrete & asphalt) and more, C&L is ready to tackle any project.

To see our full list of services call 908.730.7888 (North Jersey) or 732.886.1940 (South Jersey) or CLICK HERE!

Our Core Services include Street Sweeping, Pavement Maintenance, Concrete Repair, Power Washing, Pavement Repair and Parking Garage Scrubbing.

C&L Services covers a service area that includes all Counties of New Jersey.

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