Asphalt Repairs Using Infrared Technology – Keeping Things Hot in Winter

How do infrared asphalt repairs save money and provide a long-term solution to repairing your asphalt?

Winter weather, ice storms, salt and snowplows will beat up a parking lot in no time. Traditional pothole repair methods are temporary patches, a way to keep asphalt in decent condition long enough until more permanent repairs can be done in warmer weather. But there is a new technology being utilized to repair asphalt in winter that is more resistant to extreme wear and tear and can save you money in the long run.

How Do Infrared Asphalt Repairs Work?

When there is failure in the pavement, infrared repair works by heating up and melting the asphalt. Melting the asphalt loosens it so it can be raked in with a new hot mix of asphalt and shaped with a rejuvenator to restore it to its same condition or better.

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Once the asphalt is properly heated, traditional methods are then utilized to shape, rake and grade the surface. The repaired area is then blended and compacted into the edge of the repair, creating a thermal bond which appears seamless. If there is no seam, then no water can get back into the seam or in the edges of the repaired area, resulting in a much more permanent repair.

Saving Money on Repairs!

Extreme winter conditions and water damage can lead to splitting and cracking of asphalt.  Water can go through the seams of the asphalt and can settle in the base of the cracks. As the winter weather turns cold, the water can freeze into ice. This expansion can cause stress fractures at the surface of the asphalt, creating splits and cracks. Using infrared technology to repair the asphalt should result in eliminating the chances of water penetration in the future.

asphalt repairs by C&L using infrared technology

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