Pothole Patching: Semi-Permanent Repair

pothole patching
Pothole before it is cleaned out

The best-known pothole patching method is the semi-permanent repair method. It is more involved than the methods (throw & go and the throw & roll) discussed in the previous blog post. This method is typically used during the summer months when the weather is warmer.

Pothole Patching: Inside the Semi-Permanent Repair Method

Semi-permanent repair is the most time consuming of all the pothole patching methods. When using this method, these five steps should be followed: 

  1. Completely remove water and debris from the pothole
  2. Square the area so it forms one big square
  3. Again, remove all debris from the area
  4. Compact the repaired area
  5. Open the area to traffic

This is the most time consuming method because of the steps, equipment, and man-power involved. However, the semi-permanent repair is the most reliable. 

Pothole Patching: Compacting the Area

With the throw and roll method, a truck would be used to compact the repaired area. Here, a vibratory roller is recommended. It is better for compaction. Start in the middle of the surface with the roller and work your way to the edges. 

In conclusion, the semi-permanent repair is one of the most reliable and popular pothole patching methods. Although it is time consuming, it is built-to-last. 

Pothole Patching: 2 Similar Methods

pothole patching
An example of a pothole

Potholes can occur on any type of pavement including local roads, parking lots, and freeways. There are a few different pothole patching methods used to repair them. The two most similar methods are the “Throw & Go” and the “Throw & Roll”.

Pothole Patching: Throw & Go Method

With the “throw & go” method, the mix is just thrown into the pothole along with the water and debris that is already in there. The mix is not compacted once it is thrown into the pothole. This method is most commonly used during the winter months. It is a “quick fix” with the intention being to eliminate the safety issue. The thrown and go method should only be used when the road is due to be replaced or when weather conditions do not allow. It is the least expensive pothole patching method and also the quickest. For that reason, it is used by many maintenance companies.

Pothole Patching: Throw & Roll Method

pothole patching
Completed pothole

Like the “throw & go”, the mix is thrown into the pothole with the dirt and debris present. The mix is then compacted with a truck rolling over it several times. Being that the mix is compacted, it is less susceptible to moisture. It takes an extra minute or two to compact the mixture by rolling over it. Therefore, it does not significantly affect productivity. Following compaction, the area can be opened up to traffic, providing all equipment and materials are out of the way. The “throw & roll” method can be very effective, providing a high-quality material is being used.

Pothole Patching: Which Method to Use

The decision of which method to use depends on the following factors

  1. Weather: in sub-zero temperatures, the “throw and go” is the only method possible.
  2. Time Until Scheduled Repair: if the road is to be repaired soon, no need to spend the money on more permanent repair methods
  3. Availability of Materials and Man-Power: the “throw & go” as well as the “throw & roll” may be the only methods possible due to availability
  4. Tolerance of the Public: the public, generally, does not tolerate potholes and expects them to be repaired immediately.

Pothole patching can be completed by most pavement maintenance contractors. Remember, not repairing potholes regularly, leads to liability and safety issues down the road. 


Pothole Patching: How to Better Understand It

pothole patchingPutting off pothole patching just means bigger problems in the future. Preserving the road through regular repairs is cheaper than allowing the potholes to widen and the road to disintegrate. Ever wonder how potholes form in the first place? Water seeps into the cracks in the road. The water freezes overnight as the temperature drops. Water expands as it freezes and puts pressure on the affected area, causing a pothole to form.

Pothole Patching Methods

Pothole patching can be done year round and is divided into two categories: hot mix and cold mix. There are four methods to pothole repair:

  1. Throw & Go
  2. Throw & Roll
  3. Semi-Permanent Repair
  4. Infrared Pothole Repair

Pothole Patching: Hot Mix vs. Cold Mix

pothole patching: infrared pothole repair
Infrared Pothole Repair

Cold mix is commonly used during the winter months while hot mix is used during the spring and summer when the weather is warmer. Cold mix is good for emergency pothole repair and is most commonly used in emergency repairs. Hot mix requires the minimum outside temperature to be 40 degrees. Some cities prefer cold mix over hot mix regardless of the outside temperature. The article below provides a perfect example of that.

Pothole Patching: Cold Mix Preference

Pothole Patching Summary

In conclusion, pothole patching should not be taken lightly. Potholes need to be repaired before they turn into a bigger issue. Keep an eye out for our next blog post comparing the “throw & go” to the “throw & roll” method.

Street Sign Installation: Becoming an Expert

Street sign installation is of the utmost importance. Imagine a road with no sign indicating the speed limit or where to stop. Without propert signage, there would be chaos. Accidents would be caused and innocent motorists or pedestrians could be seriously injured.

Street Sign Installation: Complying with Proper Standards

street sign installation
Handicap Sign

In a parking lot, ADA regulations stipulate that handicap parking must be available. Handicap signs help to indicate handicap parking spots. The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) requires all roads have street sign installation indicating the speed limit. For example, the speed limit on the Garden State Parkway is between 55 and 65 miles per hour. Depending on one’s preference, street sign installation can be completed using a wood or square steel post. 

Street Sign Installation: The Fine Details

street sign installation
A street sign being installed using a square steel post.

The FHA mandates that all street signs must be a certain height and distance from the road. A thorough knowledge of height and distance requirements is a must in order to avoid costly fines. The following article will provide readers with the proper knowledge regarding street sign installation

Sign Installation Guide

A how-to guide regarding street signs. The article details proper street sign installation, height, and distance requirements. Readers will also be walked through the installation process, step-by-step.


Street Sign Installation can be tricky. If you do not wish to attempt the project yourself, we are here to help. We will install and repair all types of signage. 


Property Maintenance at the CAI Conference & Expo

The 2013 CAI-NJ Conference & Expo has expanded and will take place at the Revel Resort & Casino in Atlantic City as opposed to the Raritan Center. The event will take place from October 23-24. The show offers attendees a chance to mingle with property maintenance and other business professionals. 

Talking Property Maintenance at the Conference

Property Maintenance at its finestPlenty of networking opportunities exist outside the tradeshow floor. For the first time, CAI will host the CAI Conference Golf Outing at Galloway Country Club on October 23. Later that evening, the annual Pre-networking reception will take place at the Revel. Another first is an after party hosted by Rezkom, C&L Services, JGS Insurance, High Tech Landscapes, and Hill Wallack. All these events give people the chance to interact with other companies that offer property maintenance services such as line striping, crack filling, seal coating, and sweeping. Attendees will run into someone who either needs or is in need of property maintenance services.

Property Maintenance on the Tradeshow Floor

On October 24, those who are interested will be able to walk the tradeshow floor and gather additional information about property maintenance services and their importance. Other businesses such as engineering firms, accounting firms, and lawyers will be in attendance. Educational seminars covering various topics will be offered through out the day. 

Also going on is the first ever CAI Food Drive. Whomever is interested may donate non perishable items such as canned goods, pasta, and salad dressing. Many people in Atlantic City are struggling to put food on the table. This food driver is a way to help those families that are in need.  To view the flyer, click here.


Parking Lot Striping: “The Nitty Gritty”

Parking Lot Striping: Why It’s a Must

Parking Lot StripingParking lot striping is a must for any business or shopping center. As we’ve stated before, you only get one chance for a first impression. A customer’s first impression is formed in the parking lot. A clean parking lot projects an image of being successful.

Parking Lot Striping: The Fine Details

Parking Lot Striping requires a lot of planning and attention to every detail. When striping a lot, be sure to rely on the set of plans that you and your contractor have drawn up. A thorough knowledge of laws and ADA regulations are vital. 

If you are striping the parking lot yourself, here is an article that provides you with the framework to do the job right. The article is written by True Line Paint Stripers:

Laying out New Parking Lot Stripes, Lines, Arrows, Handicap, ADA Markings

In certain situations you will be called upon to lay out a new parking lot that has no lines.  Doing this requires pre-planning and knowledge of regulatory restrictions.  In other words there are some lines and symbols that are required by law.  Some lots will be part of a new construction project where plans are involved and others will be lots that for some reason just do not have stripes.

Parking Lot Striping: http://paint-stripers.com/laying-out-new-parking-lot-paint-stripes/

If you have a parking lot that needs striping, and do not want to do the job yourself, we are here to help. We will work with you every step of the way in your Parking Lot Striping project.

Garage Deck Scrubbing – Some Perspectives On How To Do It

Garage Deck Scrubbing - C & L ServicesGarage Deck Scrubbing – Why it’s important

Garage Deck Scrubbing is not the most exciting subject, but it’s important because you need to stay clean and look clean all the time.

There are many methods for Garage Deck Scrubbing, but all of them involve a step by step process, cleaning chemicals, and good old fashioned scrubbing.

Garage Deck Scrubbing – Our Own Method

We have our own cost effective and efficient method which involves getting a good idea of the scope of the project, working with the deck owner for the best time to scrub he garage and then using our own time tested methods.

If you are just doing your own garage, we’ve found an article that can help you do the best job step by step.  the article is courtesy of All Garage Floors:

How to Clean Your Garage Floor

Learning how to clean a garage floor properly is a critical aspect for any project that involves prepping a floor for paint or an epoxy coating.  As simple as it sounds, many a homeowner has had a disappointing experience with a floor coating due to a poorly cleaned floor.  One vital note to make; if not cleaned properly then without a doubt, your paint or epoxy coating will fail at some point no matter how expensive or highly recommended it may have been.

Garage Deck Scrubbing article link: http://allgaragefloors.com/how-to-clean-a-garage-floor/

If you have a large parking deck or parking garage and you need garage deck scrubbing, we have the machines and the man power to make your garage deck look brand new.

Give us a call.  We’ll get back to you right away and let you know haw we can help you with your garage deck scrubbing project.

Pavement Maintenance: How This Tradeshow Will Benefit Your Business

Pavement Maintenance - C&L General ServicesThe National Pavement Expo (NPE) is the largest pavement maintenance tradeshow. This year the show will be held in Nashville, Tennessee from January 23 to 26.

The NPE benefits pavement maintenance contractors on every level and targets the following groups: pavement contractors, dealers/distributors, manufacturers, trade associations, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Pavement Maintenance – About the NPE

The NPE is a great networking opportunity. Attendees have the option to walk the tradeshow floor and interact with industry professionals. Click here for a list of companies that will be exhibiting. The newest sealcoating, line striping, infrared equipment will be one display. Seminars and workshops are also held each day. 37 new seminar topics and 15 new speakers have been added for the 2013 show. Three notable seminars are:

  • Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce: There is an excellent chance that your business will soon include baby boomers (’46-’64), Generation Xers (’60’s & ’70’s), and Generation Y (’82-’00), if it doesn’t already. TheseNPE Tradeshow Floor groups think differently and have different expectations. This seminar will allow you to understand what makes each generation “tick” and how to get everyone on the same page.Unknown-11
  • Asphalt Maintenace Basics – Cracksealing, Patching, Sealcoating, & Overlays: This seminar will show you how to make sure clients get the most for their money. Proper materials and methods will be discussed. In addition, new techniques will be taught. After this seminar, you’ll be able to match the appropriate maintenance method to the pavement problem.
  • Basic Sealcoating Principles: details the “ins” & “outs” of the sealcoating process and business. Understanding the basic principles will improve the quality of your work. Finally, the do’s and don’t’s of sealcoating will be discussed.

Round table discussions will be held on January 24th and 25th. Topics such as infrared potholes, sealcoating, striping, and sweeping will be covered. These round tables provide attendees with yet another networking opportunity.

Pavement Maintenance – Beyond the NPE

There is plenty of fun things to do at night in Nashville. Nashville is commonly referred toas the “Music City” with the Grand Ole Opry Stage nearby and live music concerts. Nashville also offers a wide-variety of dining options. From friendly dinners to expensive meals, there is something for everyone involved with pavement maintenance.

Going Above & Beyond: 4 Tips for Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking lot sweeping is a must for any business. First impressions are formed in the parking lot. In today’s day and age, there is more to parking lot sweeping than just sweeping the lot. 

Prospects – Know Your Market

  • Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Airport Lots
  • Hospitals
  • Stadiums / Golf Courses
  • Grocery Store Lots

The Proposal

The proposal should be clear and easy to understand. Make sure there are no “hidden fees”. The proposal should also outline how often the parking lot will be swept and for how long. Most importantly, a sweeping proposal needs to identify the problem and the proposed solution.


The single most important thing is establishing a relationship with your customers. Make yourself easily accessible and provide after hours support. Every once in a while, let them know how good of a job you are doing. Most property managers take it for granted that their parking lot is spotless. Don’t be afraid to let them know how you made it spotless. 

Quality Service

Analyze the property regularly to make sure your employees are doing the job properly. See how you can upgrade your parking lot sweeping services. It is all about keeping the customer. Assess every action in each parking lot sweeping job.

Back to Basics in Property Maintenance

The exterior property is the very first thing customers and tenants will see when they pull up. An unkept property gives them a negative impression and may cause them to wonder why they would shop at or lease from your establishment.

There are two types of property maintenance:Residential and Exterior. Exterior Property Maintenance includes: street sweeping, line striping, power washing, landscaping, and much more. Depending on the scope of the project, a property manager will usually hire an expert to handle any exterior maintenance issues.

Once you have chosen a property maintenance company, ask your contractor for a certificate of insurance. Also, be sure to ask for references. It is important to have a reputable contractor who is properly certified. This keep your liability to a minimum. Finally, before signing the contract, make sure the following parameters are included:

  • Specify the equipment to be used and the area to be worked on
  • Identify materials used. Make sure a clause regarding dumping is included as well.
  • The contractor and property manager’s responsibilities should be clearly outlined.
  • Contract language is clear and easy to understand.

Every property should be on a regular maintenance schedule. If the land is too much for the property manager to maintain, hire an outside company to look after the land and report any malfunctions to the manager. Preventative Maintenance will help solve problems before they actually happen.

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