Avoid a Wash Out with Catch Basin Repair and Inspections by C&L Services

During periods of heavy rainfall, it may be necessary to clear debris from a catch basin on a weekly or daily basis. Potential standing water can create a host of problems from mosquito infestation, erosion of the surrounding soil and flooding.

If you detect a problem with your catch basins or inlets, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible. Weather it is poor construction or improper maintenance, when an inlet or catch basin is damaged, water can seep into the cracks and get into the drain walls causing an even larger problem.


Uncontrolled water flow due to storms or heavy rain need to be effectively directed off the streets with properly installed or repaired inlets, otherwise known as catch basins. Most inlets have grids or grates to keep motor vehicles and pedestrians safe and debris from slipping into the drain. Having functional inlets/catch basins are a basic need to protecting the property or road systems.

Once the catch basin or inlet fails to perform, other damage will occur that will result in the inlet to pop-out. Damage to the surrounding asphalt or concrete means the repair should be done by professionals who can not only repair the inlet itself but replace the collar with new concrete or asphalt.

catch basin repair and inlet repair from C&L Services

Structural concrete will last longer than asphalt for your drain system repairs. If water does seep in between those two areas, in winter it will turn to ice and expand and over time will damage the block. One of the signs there is water damage below the surface is when a sink hole appears around the perimeter of the inlet or catch basin.

TIP: Performing regular maintenance and periodically checking and cleaning of storm inlets and catch basins will help you avoid more costly repairs down the road. If there is catch basin or inlet damage, call the professionals at C&L Services for a free quote and emergency service, or fill out a form by clicking here!

C&L Services is well known in the industry for their street sweeping fleet and highly trained staff. Over the years they have expanded services and now offer a variety of property maintenance and pavement maintenance services, including pavement repair, concrete repair, garage scrubbing, power washing, inlet repair, line striping, seal coating, and signage and bollard installation.

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