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Property Maintenance
Gabe Vitale

Property Maintenance for HOAs – How Homeowner’s Associations Can Get Control of Property Management and Maintenance Fees

Property Maintenance for HOAs – A Consistent Management Challenge Homeowners associations are between a rock and a hard place. The rock is the required maintenance and management fees. The hard place is trying to meet  the high expectations the community residence hold. The balancing act of providing good property maintenance and effective property management, while

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Sweeper Service – Street Sweeping Around The World

Sweeper Service – Many Common Values In spite of the variety of different cultures throughout the world, there’s one thing that almost everyone on the planet has in common: they want to live in a clean environment. There’s some other common elements as well. People also want to be healthy, they want their families to

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Parking Lot Sweeping

Construction Sweeping – Overcoming Obstacles to Sweeping on Construction Sites

Construction Sweeping – A Challenge for Most Construction Sites Keeping the streets clean on a construction site is a challenge for builders, construction managers and field supers.  Even subcontractors can run into problems when the streets are not clean on a construction site. Fortunately, however, the people in charge of a construction site don’t have

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Breakfast at C&L Services – Our Way to Say Thank You!

C&L Services – Appreciating Our Colleagues At C&L Services, we believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, too many people have nothing more than a coffee or a doughnut in the morning. So showing our co-workers how much we appreciate them by offering them breakfast at the office has become a semi-annual

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Garage Scrubbing – Your Guide To Garage Scrubbing Planning and Preparation

Garage Scrubbing – Key Factors For Critical Maintenance In order to make the good maintenance decisions, particularly regarding parking garage upkeep and garage scrubbing, several factors need to be considered. You want the the best service at the lowest cost … the results of a maintenance service should have a visual impact and the cost

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Power Sweeping – Weird Things People Do With Street Cleaning

Power Sweeping – Sometimes It Gets Weird Out There Never underestimate how creative people can be when they do bizarre things. I’ve seen very crazy situations when conducting power sweeping projects and I scratch my head trying to understand why people do such odd things. So, what are some of the weird things that people

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Lauren Vitale

Street Sweeping –  Fines, Parking Tickets, and More

Street Sweeping –  Is It Contributing to Parking Wars? Have you ever seen the TV show “Parking Wars”? It’s a popular show on cable TV.    During the show, a camera crew follows parking enforcement personnel on their daily rounds and films their interactions with people who have received parking tickets from them. The show

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