Bollards by C&L Services

C&L Services Provides Bollard Repair and Installation Services all over New Jersey

C&L Services offers high quality steel bollards for protecting pedestrians and potentially vulnerable areas of your property, walkways and parking areas. We provide new installations, and repair or replace damaged bollards. Our crews will completely remove the old bollard, replace with a brand-new steel bollard, fill in and secure it with concrete, prime and paint it safety yellow. C&L also offers plastic covers in a wide variety of colors to enhance or disguise your bollards.

Who Needs Bollards? We provide professional bollard installation services to businesses, shopping centers, office complexes, new communities, homeowner associations, schools and municipal buildings all over New Jersey. We offer both 4” and 6” diameter steel bollards, which are perfect for keeping pedestrians safe and protecting areas of your property such as electrical units, store fronts, and other vulnerable areas.

High Quality Steel Bollards to Protect & Enhance Your Property

Security Bollards – Protect property and pedestrians from careless vehicles and careless driving. We offer bollards that will enhance the look of your property and function to secure pedestrian traffic.

Parking Bollards – Parking areas require effective barrier protection. We offer solutions for all applications including commercial, residential and industrial parking areas.

Decorative Bollards – We offer a variety of colors in paint and plastic that allow bollards to enhance your property’s curb appeal.    

Why use C&L Services for Bollards?

With all the other services C&L offers its clients, convenience is one of the first things our clients love. Afterall, we are probably already on site street sweeping, power washing, repairing your potholes or resurfacing your pavement.

If you are already using our services and we are on site often, our crews are usually the ones who spot issues with damaged bollards. We make it fast and easy for the client!

Our long-standing history and reputation for getting things done quickly and efficiently started in 1971. And although we started as a street sweeping company, over the years we have expanded our services to cover everything our clients need!

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