Builders Asphalt Repairs – How to Prevent Them or Fix Them Quickly

Asphalt Repairs and Builders Guidelines

Most builders use asphalt in driveways and parking lots because this material can be installed quickly and is durable.

Asphalt streets, driveways and parking lots look good and, as one of the major benefits, asphalt repairs can also be completed quickly and easily.

Asphalt does not crack easily and is flexible compared to other materials such as concrete or brick pavers. A properly laid asphalt driveway will last for up to 20 years if it it cared for and maintained properly.

Unfortunately the construction site can be a very rough place for asphalt.  This is why builders follow certain guidelines when installing streets, driveways and parking lots to avoid asphalts repairs to new pavement.

Asphalt Repairs – The Base Layer and Top Layer.

builders asphalt repairs - asphalt top and bottom coat -
Difference between asphalt bottom layer and top coat.

Most builders will bas a “base coat” of asphalt of a layer of gravel so contractors and trade professionals can access the construction site.

This base coat is rather rough and serves as foundation for the final coat which is then installed when all construction activity is completed.

Two main reasons why the top coat is usually the very last task on a construction site.

First, builders they don’t want the pavement damaged by heavy construction vehicles during construction.

Often subcontractors need to drive heavy equipment such as backhoes, delivery trucks and specialized construction equipment around the site to complete their assigned.

This equipment may leave marks, dents or impressions on the pavement.  If the top coat were installed, this equipment could lead to additional asphalt repairs or, at worst, replacement of the damages asphalt.

Second, when the building structures are complete, the top coat is installed, clean and free of debris/dirt/mud.

The final line striping and curb stops are installed leading to a very pleasing aesthetic appearance.

Clients and customers expect this final appearance to indicate project completion.

Preventing Asphalt Repairs

builders asphalt repair -
Ruts in asphalt caused by heavy equipment

Designate parking for subcontractors, motorcycles cause dents, large pickup trucks and commercial vehicles cause ruts.

Subcontractors need to get to the site and complete their assigned tasks.

They will follow the path of least resistance and park a closely to the site or building as they can.

This can result in unusual or unwanted parking issues.  Provide a designated parking area and then enforce parking.

Provide consistent supervision so responsibility can be assigned to subcontractors who damage asphalt.

If a subcontractor damages asphalt, bring this to their attention immediately.  Waiting any amount of time can lead to a “He said, she said” situation.

Don’t schedule top layer until ALL construction and property grading is complete.  See below for more details.

Avoiding potential damage

Don’t “jump the gun” on installing the top coat. Generally, the base coat is quite servacable for ingress and egress to the property.

Unless the client has particular needs, save the top coat, striping and curb stops as the very last task for project completion.

Prior to top coating, inspect the base coat and fill in any large dents or noticable impressions. Small dents can be cold patched.

Small cracks can be filled and impression may not be noticable with a sufficiently thick top coat. Ruts and ridges can also be cold patched.

Larger potholes and larger tears or ruts will need to be filled and hot patched.  Don’t expect the top coat to serve as the asphalt repairs needed for this type of pavement issue.

The pothole, tear or large ridge should be repairs and cooled prior to top coating.

Bad paving should be redone by original contractor.  Although it is understood that the base coat does not need to be aesthetically pleasing, this does not mean that sloppy installation is acceptable.

If the the installation of the base coat is noticeably poor (extensive low spots creating large puddles, bad seams or eye-catching sloppy paving), have the original contract fix it.

When an asphalt has been laid improperly, it is important to expect a professional asphalt repair company to conduct asphalt repairs. A reputed company will have wide experience in laying asphalt correctly to ensure that it lasts long without cutting corners.

Professional companies will have advanced equipment to lay the asphalt quickly and to the highest standards.

Your asphalt provider should use the best material available for your pavement requirements.

Professionals identify the problems and will give you a plan and estimate to correct the faults.

Do you have a need for asphalt repairs?

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