C&L Services Acquires Their 7th Company and Enhances Their Brand with the Acquisition of Knipfing Asphalt Solutions

C&L Services has announced they have acquired Knipfing Asphalt Solutions to enhance their brand and further establish themselves as the leader in pavement maintenance solutions in NJ.

Jackson, NJ – C&L Services acquisition of Knipfing Asphalt Solutions, located in Farmingdale, NJ, further increases the market share that C&L Services currently controls. The acquisition of Knipfing Asphalt Solutions is expected to result in greater efficiencies and a larger customer base moving forward.

Knipfing Asphalt Solutions specializes in infrared asphalt repair
As part of the acquisition, C&L Services acquired highly skilled labor and state of the art equipment to enhance their brand and market share throughout NJ.

With the acquisition of Knipfing Asphalt Solutions, C&L Services is primed for another growth surge in 2021. “This is the 7th company we have acquired and as we continue to grow, this latest acquisition will help us concentrate on adding state of the art infrared technology and expanding our pavement maintenance services throughout New Jersey,” explains Gabe Vitale, Jr., for C&L Services. “Knipfing clients will continue to receive the same high quality infrared asphalt repair and pavement maintenance services that they are accustomed to.”

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C&L Services plans to retain the skilled and talented team of Knipfing Asphalt Solutions employees as well as the expertise of the former owner Al Knipfing. Knipfing Asphalt Solutions is widely known for their asphalt restoration solutions and infrared asphalt repair, as well as offering custom parts for infrared equipment.

Currently C&L Services plans on keeping the brand of Knipfing Asphalt Solution intact, slowly integrating the equipment over to the C&L Services as new equipment is purchased. Al Knipfing said, “We strongly feel joining forces with C&L Services is a great fit for us. Both companies have an excellent reputation and have been known for providing quality pavement maintenance solutions”.

C&L Services is celebrating its 50-year anniversary. As the company grows it plans to expand its market share and broaden its list of impressive property and pavement maintenance services.

C&L Services is well known in the industry for their street sweeping fleet and highly trained staff. Over the years they have expanded services and now offer a variety of property maintenance and pavement maintenance services, including pavement repair, concrete repair, garage scrubbing, power washing, inlet repair, line striping, seal coating, and signage and bollard installation.

The core values of C&L Services are focused on customer satisfaction above all else. Education and safety for its personnel is the hallmark of their operation. To learn more about C&L Services and how they serve their clients, click here.

Inlet Inspections, Assessments and Repairs from C&L Services

With summer storms on the way, it is imperative to make sure that your inlets and storm drains are up to the task of handling rain, rain, and more rain. These storms and potential flash floods can cause significant underground damage and erosion to the walls of your inlets. To avoid a costly and time-consuming rebuild of your entire inlet, C&L Services offers inlet assessments and inspection services, as well as repairs and reconstruction.

Schedule an appointment today for a full inspection of your inlet and inlet walls. Following an inspection by our experienced staff, we can assess any damage and make recommendations for necessary repairs and reconstruction. Neglected repairs may require a full reconstruction of the inlet, which is three times the cost of repairs (on average). Regular and routine inspections are the easiest way to avoid these potential problems from catching you unawares. A build-up of maintenance will only cost you more in repairs in the long run. Don’t let these projects pile up, call the pavement maintenance experts at C&L Services today.

Inlet inspections, assessments and repairs from C&L Services.

Repairing your inlets and storm drains will also enhance the overall look and curb appeal of your property or businesss, increasing its value and leaving a great impression on your customers and potential clients.

Pavement Maintenance Experts Since 1971

Our crews at C&L Services provide pavement repair, pothole patching, line striping, crack filing, seal coating and asphalt and concrete repair services throughout New Jersey. Continual, routine maintenance is important to the overall health and look of your property. C&L Services makes necessary maintenance projects fast, safe, and affordable.

C&L Services covers a service area that includes all Counties of New Jersey.

To see our full list of essential services call 908.730.7888 (North Jersey) or 732.886.1940 (South Jersey) or CLICK HERE!

Pothole Prevention Tips from the Pavement Maintenance Experts at C&L Services

Asphalt repair and maintenance from C&L Services

C&L Services is leading the industry in pavement maintenance services in New Jersey. When you see the first signs of potholes forming, the crews at C&L will quickly and efficiently solve the most stubborn roadway repairs. Although some pothole repairs are temporary, here are some tips on preventing potholes from forming in the first place and what to do when you see them forming.

Waiting for winter to make roadway fixes often means the repairs are temporary. But what if you can prevent potholes from forming in the first place? As with any type of maintenance, a preventative strategy works best. Catching the problem early on and repairing the root cause means small cracks don’t become large potholes.

A pothole forms when a crack in the pavement occurs and water penetrates it. The constant expansion and contraction of the water due to fluctuations in temperature (especially in the winter) causes the pavement to burst out with motorist traffic. Sealing cracks in the summer and fall will often prevent the cracks and potholes from appearing in winter and spring.

Did you know the average driver in the Northeast spends an average of $375.00 a year to make repairs to tires, rims, chipped paint and windshield damage caused by hazardous road conditions?

Some road surfaces and parking lots have too many cracks and need repair and a top-coat known as crack fill and seal coating. Considering the time and money it costs to repair potholes and pothole damage, a much more cost-effective approach is to seal the pavement. By sealing the pavement, water can be kept out of the cracked areas and this will greatly reduce the chance of potholes forming in the first place.

If you do have potholes that are appearing and need them fixed, C&L Services offers various ways of fixing the damage:

  1. Throw and Go
  2. Throw and Roll
  3. Semi-Permanent Repair
  4. Infrared Pothole Repair

If you have a pothole problem in your parking lot, call the experts at C&L Services at 732.886.1940 or fill out a form on our Contact page.

C&L Service’s team of trained professionals will repair all potholes and are trained to alert you at the first sign of a pothole. Pothole repair can be done year-round with the throw & go method or the help of our infrared equipment. Potholes should be taken care of immediately before they turn into a bigger issue.

Parking Lot Line Striping: Why is it Important?

shopping center property maintenance-sweeping.com

Are your parking garage or parking lot stripes and markings faded, dull or even worn off completely? If so, it’s time for a new coat of paint for your parking lot! Give your property the facelift it needs and eliminate potential liability with C&L’s line striping and handicap marking services.

Line Striping your parking lot or parking garage has a number of benefits, including:

  • Safety – The safety of the patrons and customers visiting your place of business should be paramount; faded crosswalks, parking spaces, and other safety markings in your parking lot can cause confusion for drivers and can even lead to accidents. Once these parking lot pavement markings have been given a fresh coat of paint, cars will move more efficiently through your lot and pedestrians will be at ease.
  • Curb Appeal – Nothing looks better than a fresh coat of paint! The same applies to your parking lot. Over time the lines and markings on the asphalt will fade due to constant exposure to the elements. Many parking lots are re-striped after their regularly scheduled seal coating. Leave a lasting first impression on your customers and patrons with a well-maintained parking lot.
  • Handicap Spaces and ADA Compliance – Indicating clear and proper access for the handicapped, as well as the most direct route to your building’s entrance, is a very important aspect of line striping. Also, ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliance thru pavement markings and signage ensures you avoiding fines and penalties and allows easy access to all potential customers, tenants, employees, and guests to your property.
  • Maximize Parking Spots – Parking line stalls that are clearly marked ensure that the most amount of customers and patrons can park in your lot at any given time. This ensures your visitors will all be able to find spaces during peak business hours.

C&L Services uses the most durable and longest lasting paints available. We can insure the services are performed at the most convenient time to minimize inconvenience to your customers.

C&L Services is a family owned property maintenance company servicing property managers and communities since 1971. Although our specialty is street sweeping, we have years of experience line striping and seal coating parking lots and parking garages in New Jersey. Our crews are ready to tackle the toughest construction and project sites with our fleet of street sweepers.

If you’re in North Jersey, Contact us at 908-730-7884. If you’re in Central New Jersey call us at 732-886-1940 to find out more about our services, or click here.

HOA Asphalt Crack Filling – Should I Be Concerned?


Asphalt Crack Filling – Who Is Responsible? Me or the HOA?

asphalt crack filling responsibility - sweeping.comIt goes without saying that although asphalt driveways are built to last, cracks are likely to appear especially after years of rigorous use.

If this happens, it’s usually best for you to either contact a professional asphalt crack filling company or, if it’s the Home Owner Association’s responsibility to do so, then by all means get in touch with them.

This is important because sealing the cracks will prevent you from spending a whole lot more, especially when the cracks get bigger and more conspicuous.

Signs That Your Driveway Needs Asphalt Crack Filling

Thankfully, asphalt cracks are usually visible even at the very early stage and you can easily have an asphalt crack filling project completed quickly and without any issues.

Cracks should be sealed as soon as possible to keep water out of the crack and prevent the overall asphalt surface from being damaged by water intrusion.

There are different kinds of cracks: hairline cracks, medium and large cracks. Hairline cracks can be sealed with a good grade sealcoat, however, larger cracks should be taken care of immediately with a top grade asphalt crack filling compound.

You may also consider allowing a trained professional to come to check out a larger crack before you decide on what to do next.  If the crack is too large, the asphalt may need to be repaired or replaced.

A professional would also be able to determine if there are other types of asphalt substrate issues that are the root cause of the cracks.

From there, you can either notify the Homeowners Association if you’re under one or contract or hire a good asphalt crack filling firm to do the job for you.

Cracks On the Asphalt Pavements & How They Are Effectively Repaired

Once you’ve concluded that the crack on your asphalt driveway needs to be repaired, then call a respectable asphalt crack filling company or the Homeowners Association (if you are under one). The HOA will then contact the firm on your behalf and have the crack sealed the right way before the situation exacerbates.

The reason why you need to hire the right firm is simply that they have the right tools, materials and expertise to resolve the problem.

First, they’ll clean the crack to ensure that debris is removed so the filler material with adhere.

Once the filler material is applied, the professionals will test the crack filling for the seal. They’ll then wait for 20 minutes before adding any additional crack filling material. The work is then left to dry.

Although the process appears simple (and it is for professionals), doing it yourself it’s not highly recommended.

HOA Asphalt Crack Filling – It’s Better Not To Wait

As mentioned earlier, not repairing that little crack in your driveway on time might only end up costing you so much more in the future as the crack gets bigger and bigger.

Therefore, knowing the right path to follow (if the homeowner association is responsible for such tasks in your area) or hiring your own crack filling professional, make sure the action is taken as fast as possible.

Does your pavement need asphalt crack filling?

C & L Services is a third generation family owned property maintenance company.

We have been providing asphalt crack filling and pavement repairs to builders, commercial property owners and communities in New Jersey for over forty years.

Our services include asphalt repair, asphalt milling, and pavement maintenance.

We can service your asphalt with a variety of pavement and maintenance services keep your clients happy.

If you’re in North Jersey, Contact us at 908-730-7884. If you’re in Central New Jersey call us at 732-886-1940 to arrange for asphalt crack filling.

Builders Asphalt Repairs – How to Prevent Them or Fix Them Quickly

Asphalt Repairs and Builders Guidelines

Most builders use asphalt in driveways and parking lots because this material can be installed quickly and is durable.

Asphalt streets, driveways and parking lots look good and, as one of the major benefits, asphalt repairs can also be completed quickly and easily.

Asphalt does not crack easily and is flexible compared to other materials such as concrete or brick pavers. A properly laid asphalt driveway will last for up to 20 years if it it cared for and maintained properly.

Unfortunately the construction site can be a very rough place for asphalt.  This is why builders follow certain guidelines when installing streets, driveways and parking lots to avoid asphalts repairs to new pavement.

Asphalt Repairs – The Base Layer and Top Layer.

builders asphalt repairs - asphalt top and bottom coat - sweeping.com
Difference between asphalt bottom layer and top coat.

Most builders will bas a “base coat” of asphalt of a layer of gravel so contractors and trade professionals can access the construction site.

This base coat is rather rough and serves as foundation for the final coat which is then installed when all construction activity is completed.

Two main reasons why the top coat is usually the very last task on a construction site.

First, builders they don’t want the pavement damaged by heavy construction vehicles during construction.

Often subcontractors need to drive heavy equipment such as backhoes, delivery trucks and specialized construction equipment around the site to complete their assigned.

This equipment may leave marks, dents or impressions on the pavement.  If the top coat were installed, this equipment could lead to additional asphalt repairs or, at worst, replacement of the damages asphalt.

Second, when the building structures are complete, the top coat is installed, clean and free of debris/dirt/mud.

The final line striping and curb stops are installed leading to a very pleasing aesthetic appearance.

Clients and customers expect this final appearance to indicate project completion.

Preventing Asphalt Repairs

builders asphalt repair - sweeping.com
Ruts in asphalt caused by heavy equipment

Designate parking for subcontractors, motorcycles cause dents, large pickup trucks and commercial vehicles cause ruts.

Subcontractors need to get to the site and complete their assigned tasks.

They will follow the path of least resistance and park a closely to the site or building as they can.

This can result in unusual or unwanted parking issues.  Provide a designated parking area and then enforce parking.

Provide consistent supervision so responsibility can be assigned to subcontractors who damage asphalt.

If a subcontractor damages asphalt, bring this to their attention immediately.  Waiting any amount of time can lead to a “He said, she said” situation.

Don’t schedule top layer until ALL construction and property grading is complete.  See below for more details.

Avoiding potential damage

Don’t “jump the gun” on installing the top coat. Generally, the base coat is quite servacable for ingress and egress to the property.

Unless the client has particular needs, save the top coat, striping and curb stops as the very last task for project completion.

Prior to top coating, inspect the base coat and fill in any large dents or noticable impressions. Small dents can be cold patched.

Small cracks can be filled and impression may not be noticable with a sufficiently thick top coat. Ruts and ridges can also be cold patched.

Larger potholes and larger tears or ruts will need to be filled and hot patched.  Don’t expect the top coat to serve as the asphalt repairs needed for this type of pavement issue.

The pothole, tear or large ridge should be repairs and cooled prior to top coating.

Bad paving should be redone by original contractor.  Although it is understood that the base coat does not need to be aesthetically pleasing, this does not mean that sloppy installation is acceptable.

If the the installation of the base coat is noticeably poor (extensive low spots creating large puddles, bad seams or eye-catching sloppy paving), have the original contract fix it.

When an asphalt has been laid improperly, it is important to expect a professional asphalt repair company to conduct asphalt repairs. A reputed company will have wide experience in laying asphalt correctly to ensure that it lasts long without cutting corners.

Professional companies will have advanced equipment to lay the asphalt quickly and to the highest standards.

Your asphalt provider should use the best material available for your pavement requirements.

Professionals identify the problems and will give you a plan and estimate to correct the faults.

Do you have a need for asphalt repairs?

C & L Services is a third generation family owned property maintenance company.

We have been providing pavement maintenance services to builders, commercial property owners and communities in New Jersey for over forty years.

Our services include asphalt repair, asphalt milling,  and pavement maintenance.

We can service your construction site with a variety of pavement and maintenance services keep your clients happy.

If you’re in North Jersey, Contact us at 908-730-7884.  If you’re in Central New Jersey call us at 732-886-1940 to arrange for asphalt repairs.

Shopping Center Paving – Project Management Methods for a Successful Project

Shopping Center Paving – Plan First, Revise Constantly

“Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.” ~ Denis Waitley

shopping center paving - sweeping.comThe first time I heard that quote, I thought, “what a realistic approach to planning…you never know what’s really going to happen!”.

Over time, however, this has grown to be my favorite project management quote, simply because it proposes not only the need to plan, but also need to stay flexible in “expecting the unexpected”.

In fact, I think every aspiring property manager would do well to read this quote, understand it and start applying it to maintenance projects.

Each shopping center paving project should start with certain planning protocols to ensure the success and satisfactory completion.

Here are some simple steps that you can undertake when starting a shopping center paving project:

Shopping Center Paving – The Planning

The first step in the project plan is determine the scope of your project. In this case, before paving the shopping center parking lot you need to understand the size and location of the project.

For a newly built shopping center, there are fewer safety issues to deal with since there are no traffic, tenant or customer issues to address.  This is not to imply that there are no safety issues, just fewer issues because business are not currently present.

However, subcontractors and other building professionals are present and need to adhere to safety protocols.

For an existing shopping center, the lost will require milling.  Milling is the process of removing the existing top coat of pavement for recycling and preparing the subcoat for fresh pavement.

Planning the timing and safety this this step in an existing shopping center is particularly important to preserve access for existing tenants and customers served by those businesses.

After dealing with the physical task of paving, you also need to reposition curb stops and bollards.  A line striping project is also needed to ensure that the mall visitors are well directed.

After identifying all the milestones and tasks for the paving project, formulate a viable and workable budget that will be reasonable and still maintain the quality of work done.

Shopping Center Paving – Preparation

shopping center milling - sweeping.comDuring this stage, communicate the finer details of the project with ALL affected parties and inform them about the main goals and timing for your project.

Take the time to explain expectations for them as well. Moreover, asses the obstacles that you are likely to face when preparing the lot for construction and the availability of machinery.

Make sure that you anticipate most of the issues that may affect your project and have contingency plans to avoid delays.

Shopping Center Paving – Execution

In this stage, ensure that you have contacted the necessary authorities and informed them about your project.

Make sure that your contractors are ready to begin work as planned to avoid any delays. The workers whether skilled or unskilled should have the required safety equipment and appropriate safety protocols in place.

In addition, ensure that all the necessary backup materials, labor or equipment are available to prevent any delays that may affect the construction process.

Shopping Center Paving – Assessment

After all the construction work is completed, assess whether expectations have been met.

If not, make sure that before you close the contract, resolve any issues your specifications.

Address any underlying issues that may have occurred during the process to ensure that there are no conflicts with post completion service responsibilities.

After you have resolved all issues, you can officially close the project.


If you want your construction shopping center paving project to be successful, you have to plan, prepare, execute, and assess.

These processes help you to save money and avoid unexpected costs.

Shopping Center Paving – An Expert Resource

shopping center line striping - sweeping.comAre you considering a shopping center paving project? Do you need an experience property maintenance company to help you “refresh” your shopping center pavement?

C & L Services is a third generation family owned property maintenance company. We have been providing property maintenance services to real estate developers, commercial property owners and communities in New Jersey for over forty years.

Our services include community sweepingpavement maintenanceseal coating, and line striping.

We can give your property the attention needs and keep your residents happy.

If you’re in North Jersey, Contact us at 908-730-7884.  If you’re in Central New Jersey call us at 732-886-1940 to arrange for shopping center paving.

Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Property Maintenance: Who Should You Trust?

Homeowner’s Association Property Maintenance – It’s Not Buy it and Forget it

property maintenance HOA inlet repair - sweeping.com
A storm inlet repair. A HOA has the resources to arrange for this complicated repair.

People work hard throughout their lives with a particular goal in mind. Some want their every desire fulfilled which they could not while they were young. Some want to travel the world and enjoy different cultures. Some want to fulfill their craze of cars that they have had since they were children. Some want to spend their lives peacefully with their loved ones in a house they always dreamt of buying.

The thing about buying a house, however, is that it’s not like once you buy a house, you are done with it. You have to keep it maintained, repaired and clean. This doesn’t just apply to single properties, but also other commercial properties as well.

This is not an easy task, as many people find out with their first experience of home ownership. If you are also one of those individuals who want their property properly managed and maintained but prefer NOT to the job yourself, then a community with a Homeowners Association (HOA) is a good fit for you.

There are many responsibilities that HOA’s do for you to maintain your property, including lawn maintenance, shrub trimming, power washing, concrete repair, street and parking lot cleaning, and possibly many other tasks.

When you put HOA in charge of maintaining your properties, there are some established rules that resident need to follow. Not respecting these rules could lead to fines which the violator will have to pay.

Property Maintenance – Who is Responsible for What?

parking lot paving condominium - sweeping.com
Parking lot paving. Another project that is better managed by a HOA.

The scope and extent of responsibility for property maintenance adopted by a HOA can be influenced by the type of real estate ownership established in the community.  There are three basic types of ownership for communities who establish a HOA:

Fee Simple 

In this type of ownership, the homeowners own the structure and property. Some communities establish a HOA to maintain any common elements such as playgrounds, storm drain basins or landscaped entries, however in the majority of fee simple communities, the homeowner is generally responsible for doing the property maintenance work on his or her own home.


In this type of ownership, the land is owned in partnership with others who live in the homes on the property. The owner of the structure is the homeowner. When it comes to property maintenance responsibilities, they are distributed between the HOA and the individual property owners.  The HOA is usually responsible for exterior property maintenance, and the homeowners are generally responsible for the structure.  The property maintenance responsibilities do vary significantly in these communities.


The property in this type of ownership is owned by a corporation. If you buy such a property, you are actually buying shares of the corporation. The residents are generally free of maintenance responsibilities in this type of ownership.

Property Maintenance – Making the Right Decision

community sweeping - sweeping.com
Community street sweeping. Definitely a HOA responsibility.

The aim of mentioning the types of ownership is to help you understand the responsibilities of maintaining a property, whether it is your personal, or a business property.  If maintaining a property is not something you want to do, you can partner with an experienced property maintenance company who will:

  • Save time – Finding someone who could care for all the needs of your property can be a tiring task. You will either find someone who can repair concrete and not trim bushes, or someone who can trim bushes and not repair concrete. Instead of wasting time searching for people who perform different tasks, the Home Owners Association (HOA) will contract and manage all of these responsibilities.
  • Reduce Stress – Maintaining a property can be stressful. Some people can hardly maintain one house, maintaining several is way over their heads. So instead of stressing about how you will handle the maintenance of several properties, let a HOA do its job.
  • Save Money – One of the top reasons for living in a community with a HOA is that you will be able to save money. Think about it yourself. If you hire different people for each property maintenance task, you end up spending more money. Instead, hire one company that does all the tasks, in a much lesser amount.

Property Maintenance – Finding a Trusted Partner?

Are you involved with a Homeowners Association Board? Do you need a trusted partner to help with property management responsibilities?

C & L Services is a third generation family owned property maintenance company. We have been providing property maintenance services to real estate developers, commercial property owners and communities in New Jersey for over forty years.

Our services include community sweepingpavement maintenanceseal coating, and line striping.

We can give your property the attention needs and keep your residents happy.

If you’re in North Jersey, Contact us at 908-730-7884.  If you’re in Central New Jersey call us at 732-886-1940 to arrange for HOA property maintenance.

Shopping Center Inlet Repair – The Pros and Cons of Postponing Repairs

C&L Services offers emergency catch basin repair

Shopping Center Inlet repair –  When Is The Right Time? 

Timing is everything. There really is a best time to do most anything.  

When you see a crack in your windshield, it’s best that you have an auto glass specialist look at it immediately and repair it before it turns into a broken window. Timing is everything.

Or if you hear about bad weather, getting the rain gear or snow shovels out so you are prepared for whatever is needed for access to your stores. Timing is everything.

When it comes to Shopping Center inlet repairs, if you notice cracks or depressions that weren’t there before,  it might be a good time to have somebody look at it. Timing is everything.

Shopping Center Inlet Repair – What is a Shopping Center Inlet

Shopping Center Inlet Repair - sweeping.com
Typical shopping center inlet repair

A standard shopping center inlet has a perforated or slotted metal grate embedded into the pavement.

The grate covers a below-ground concrete structure. This inlet allows rain and storm water  to drain into the structure to keep a parking lot from flooding.

Shopping center inlets have a variety of names and are also known as storm drain, storm sewer, surface water drain/sewer, or stormwater drain.

What Can Go Wrong With A Shopping Center Inlet?

The most obvious issue for shopping center inlets is if they get clogged, it causes a flood.  The simple resolution is to remove the debris clogging the drain (usually leaves or paper) and the water drains.

Regular maintenance usually prevents this from happening, however if the shopping center is close to a heavily wooded area or if a recent event has generated a lot of paper (flyers, tickets or banners for a political rally) the inlets in the parking lot can create and unexpected blockage.

shopping center inlet collapse - sweeping.com
An inlet that has dropped approximately six inches from previous position with very poor repair efforts. Unsafe and unsightly.

The more costly and potentially unsafe issues can occur when a shopping center inlet begins to deteriorate.

If water seeps in between the pavement and the inlet apron, this can cause erosion of the sub-strata and the collapse of the pavement surrounding the inlet.

Several potential issues can result.  The first is the pavement becomes unsightly.   Visible cracks and deterioration are evident around the inlet and it appears neglected.

The second issue is the pavement becomes unstable and unsafe.  An individual driving (or even walking) on the pavement surrounding the inlet can cause it to collapse and damage the vehicle or cause injury to a pedestrian.

The final issue is complete inlet collapse.  The pavement around the inlet collapses and the infrastructure of the inlet disintegrates.  This creates a major inlet rehabilitation project at a substantial cost.

What kind of shopping center inlet repairs can be done?

In many cases the asphalt perimeter of a storm basin can be repaired so the inlet is returned to its intended purpose, to drain stormwater.

If the catch basin if the inlet has been damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Both projects require specialized expertise for asphalt and concrete repair as well as the administrative expertise needed to coordinate engineers and local officials for construction permits.

What Are The Pros of Waiting?

There are actually no pros to waiting.  Although it may appear that costs savings are achieved by waiting, the actual costs may be much higher if preventative maintenance is deferred.

It is much less expensive to continuously inspect and prevent shopping center inlets so problems can be “nipped in the bud” compare to replacing asphalt.

And replacing asphalt is much less expensive than replacing a shopping center inlet (requiring engineering, permit and possibly traffic fees).

What Are the Cons of Waiting?

As we mentioned above, timing is everything.  The longer you wait for shopping center inlet repair, the higher the cost will be.  The costs range from simple asphalt repair costs to major construction costs (and the most dreaded possible lawsuits).

Timing is everything, don’t postpone your decision to conduct shopping center inlet repairs.

Do you have a shopping center inlet that needs repair?

C & L Services is a third generation family owned property maintenance company. We have been providing inlet repair services to shopping centers, commercial property owners and communities in New Jersey for over forty years.

Our services include inlet repairconcrete repair, asphalt repair, and pavement maintenance.

We can give your property the attention needs and keep your residents happy.

If you’re in North Jersey, Contact us at 908-730-7884.  If you’re in Central New Jersey call us at 732-886-1940 to arrange for shopping center inlet repair.


HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – How to Get Your HOA On a Schedule

HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – Some Kids Never Learn

HOA parking lot sweeping - sweeping.comIf you’ve ever had kids, you’ll know that it’s hard to get them to stick to a schedule.  Most kids learn, some never do.

Getting people to cooperate is a lot like getting kids to cooperate,  you’ve got to employ the right consequences.

HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – The Right Consequences

There is a powerful consequence you need to use when you start an HOA parking lot sweeping program.

It’s called negative reinforcement.   This is the most common consequence that most people are familiar with.   You can sum it up in this simple sentence,  “do this or else”.

It sound somewhat heavy handed, but it doesn’t have to be.  However, it’s the primary consequence you need to employ when setting up a HOA Parking Lot Sweeping program.

HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – Examples of negative reinforcement

There are many examples of negative reinforcement.    

Most people don’t want to get a speeding ticket, so they drive under the speed limit.   Most people don’t want to get fired from their job, so they show up for work on time and do their work effectively.

Negative reinforcement does not have to be heavy-handed,  it just has to be communicated properly.

HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – It starts with communication

When it comes to an HOA parking lot sweeping program communication is key.

Ensuring that the residents know well in advance about a regular parking lot sweeping program goes a long way towards minimizing conflicts.

Approximately two months before the start of the program a  separate letter should be sent to each homeowner informing them that an HOA parking lot sweeping program is going to be scheduled.  Include the specifics regarding the dates, the times, the requirements, and most importantly, the consequences if requirements are not met.

The key to communication is both repetition and variety.  Communicate consistently and in a variety of ways.  And document these communications for the resident who will claim that nobody told them.

HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – Continuous Followup

The letter should be followed up a week later with a printed flyer that is hand delivered to each residence because not every residence receives notices from the management company.   Some residences are rented so they may not get notified by their Landlord.

Several weeks before the parking lot sweeping program begins, small signs (about 11 x 17  tablet size) should be staked around the community where every resident can visibly see them.

A few days before the program begins, conduct a mass phone notification campaign (these phone services are now readily available to all homeowners associations).

HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – Resident Requirements

Generally, the main requirement is to ask the resident to move their car out of the parking lot that’s being swept on the sweeping date.

Invariably there will be residents who will forget, or ignore the requirements.   If the sweeper has to sweep around a particular vehicle, the sweeper should take that picture of the  license plate and send the picture to the HOA.

If the HOA can identify the car as owned by resident, they can send a letter asking the resident to adhere to the requirements and move their car on the next sweeping date. They can also respectfully remind them of consequences for future non-compliance.

Moving forward, consequences must be initiated on non-compliant residents.   No exceptions.

HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – The Consequence of No Consequences

Although it’s  tempting to let one or two violations slide, it’s important to remember that without consequences people will not change their behavior. 

Also, if you are going to apply consequences to one person, it’s only fair (and legal) to apply the same consequences to all.

Although it does seem like a lot of work to communicate, followup, and enforce requirements, the outcome will be that most people will cooperate. Those that don’t won’t have a leg to stand on when they suffer the consequences.

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