Power Washing: 5 Myths About Power Washing That Everyone Thinks is True

Power washing myths - sweeping.comPower Washing – The Myths and The Reality

Many people do not value power washing as much as they should, and some commonly believed myths are the main reasons people take this service for granted. This post reviews five of the most prevalent myths about power washing and what is true instead.

Power Washing – Not As Simple As It Looks

Cleaning concrete, stone walls, and other open paved surfaces can be a very labor and time-consuming process. However, thanks to advancements in mechanical technologies, we have powerful machines to make the work easy.

Power washing has grown to be a very useful strategy for eliminating mildew and mold on concrete surfaces and even stains on a wood or brick patio. Whether such a service could be ideal to clean your walkways or maintain the sparkling image of your building, here are five myths about pressure washing that you should stop believing.

Power Washing Myth 1: Power washing is only necessary when the property is dirty, stained, or moldy

Nothing could be further from the truth. Pressure washing is essentially the forceful removal of hard stains and stubborn elements on the surface—most of which are not visible to the naked eye.

There is no reason to wait until your property is unsightly to conduct power washing; after all, preventing stains is better than waiting for it to accumulate. Power washing your property regularly removes and prevent molds and stains and leaves your home or business premises clean and presentable.

Power Washing Myth 2: Just connect the power cleaner to water and you are set to start cleaning

If it were true that water only at high pressure can remove all kinds of dirt, stains, and other unwanted elements, then you could rely on rain alone to keep your home or office looking clean. In reality, this is not the case.

The truth is that professional power cleaning involves the use of specially-selected detergents with the strength to clean stains and potential mold from a surface. For some types of stains, specific solvents may be used with hot water to successfully clean stubborn stains.

Power Washing Myth 3: Power washing is simple, in fact you can do it yourself

Yes, you can do it yourself, if you have the right machine, knowledge, and experience to safely and efficiently remove specific types of molds, dirt, and stains. Most people hire the experts to save money and time because of the required experience and knowledge of using the correct equipment safely and effectively. Besides, the best cleaning professionals today use environmentally friendly products and they know which types work best to remove which types of stains or growths.

Power Washing Myth 4: Everything everywhere can be power washed

There are some areas of your house that should be very carefully (or not) power washed because of how sensitive they are to pressure or to water. For instance, overhangs, windows, decorative fypons, and door openings should receive more gentle power washing (or none at all depending on their location, condition, and materials).

There are some types of wood which can easily be damaged by high pressure or can absorb water which could lead to water intrusion or water damage. An experienced cleaner knows what areas and materials can be pressure cleaned and which ones shouldn’t be.

Power Washing Myth 5: The cleaner with the lowest bid is fine

As with many other service contracts, when it comes to power cleaning, you get what you pay for. Since you value your property, then it deserves the best care. Compare the various professionals offering pressure cleaning in your area and choose the most experienced with the right equipment, and a track record of satisfied customers. Although cost is an important criteria, it should not be the only factor when selecting a professional for power washing your home or office.

Many people rely on assumptions rather than facts when keeping their properties clean, and that is the reason they are disappointed and often spend more than they should. These five myths will certainly help you understand more about pressure washing and help you make the right decision the next time you need it.

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Power Washing – Does Donald Trump Use Power Washing On His Buildings?

power washing trump 2Power Washing – What Donald Trump Knows

Donald Trump’s buildings are renowned for their supreme quality, pure elegance, and sheer class. This is why people are often willing to pay record-breaking fees to rent or purchase them. A case in point is the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago.

In May 2016, a condo in this building broke the record for the highest price-per-square-foot for a one-bedroom unit in Chicago. The 41st floor condo, which is 1,450 square feet, sold for $1.64 million. This means that it cost $1,127 per square foot – the highest price in Chicago’s history.

This isn’t the first time a Donald Trump building has broken records in Chicago. Back in 2014, the same building broke the record for the priciest residential real estate sale in Chicago’s history when the 89th floor sold for $17 million.

What Does Power Washing Have to do With Donald Trump?

So, why are people willing to pay over-the-odds to acquire properties in Trump’s buildings? Well, for one thing, the buildings are spotlessly clean. The Trump brand is renowned for its matchless quality. A critical aspect of this quality is cleanliness.

Donald Trump’s tenants and clients tend to come from the top 1 percent. The person who paid $17 million cash for the 89th floor was the tech multimillionaire, Sanjay Shah. Tenants on Donald Trump’s famous NYC Trump Tower have included Bill Gates, Harrison Ford, Sophia Loren and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These are people who expect nothing but the best.

Donald Trump knows this. As a one-percenter himself, he knows that the standards are extremely high. There can be no compromises whatsoever. His buildings have to be in pristine condition 24-7. There is no margin for error.

Therefore, Mr. Trump invests in professional cleaning services to keep his properties sparklingly clean – all the time. This includes power washing. Being a savvy real estate developer, Trump intuitively knows that power washing provides the most effective way for cleaning the multiple surfaces in his buildings.

Power Washing – Helps Keep Repair Costs Down

As an astute investor, Mr. Trump realizes that power washing does more than just leaving his properties looking elegant and attractive. This cleaning technique also keeps the properties in peak condition. This reduces the frequency of repairs – thus lowering the maintenance costs. The ultimate result is that the buildings become more profitable. This is something most savvy property owners are realizing.

Therefore, anyone who owns, develops or manages buildings needs to maximize the potential power washing offers. This will not only keep the building spotlessly attractive, it will also maintain its integrity over time. The end result is that the building will become a magnet for people looking for quality properties. This will give the building a competitive edge on the market.

power washing trumpPower Washing – Not Something Donald Trump Does

Now, there is one thing most people will suspect about Mr. Trump. He has never power washed a building in his entire life. All he does is hire professionals to provide power washing services for his buildings. The professionals do the rest.

The ultimate question is: who provides power washing services for Mr. Trump’s buildings? The answer to this question isn’t in the public domain. However, there is one company which provides power washing services to buildings whose standards match those of Mr. Trump’s.

This company is C & L General Services. Now, C & L has actually never washed Mr. Trump’s buildings (well, at least not yet). However, the company’s power washing services are provided to the highest standards demanded by their customers. As such, if Mr. Trump had an opportunity to utilize C & L Services, it almost a certainty that he would use it again.

Basically, if you are a property owner, developer or manager who is looking for professional power washing services, just try out C & L Services. You will be glad you did. Give us a call at 732-866-1940 to find out more about power washing.



How Power Washing is Making The World A Better Place

power washing better place - sweeping.comPower Washing – Early Century Industrial Use

When power washing first emerged in the 1920s, it was exclusively for industrial use. In fact, most industries initially used the technique for cleaning grease and chemicals. However, almost a century later, power washing is now an integral part of American life.

Power washing is now used by industries, businesses and even residential homes. This technique is used for cleaning everything from factory floors, golf courses, construction sites, driveways, car surfaces, boat ramps, and so on. In fact, it is estimated that almost 15 percent of American homes and businesses use power washing.

The ubiquity of power washing is mainly as a result of manufacturers releasing a range of power washing machines for both domestic and commercial use. This is actually a fairly recent development – in light of how long power washing has been around.

Power Washing For DIY (Do It Yourself)

Until about 25 years ago, power washers were only available for industrial and commercial use. They were typically bulky, complex and expensive. Only industries and cleaning companies could afford them.

However, in the mid-1990s, manufacturers started experimenting with domestic power washers. These were targeted at people who wanted to use the machines without hiring a techie to operate it for them. These machines were made to be portable, easy-to-use and affordable.

Even then, it wasn’t until the mid-2000s when power washers started gaining traction. Their popularity started rising when home improvement stores started marketing the machines to the Do-it-Yourself crowd. Today, most such stores offer a variety of DIY power washers for homeowners.

Power Washing – A Positive Environmental Impact

The growing popularity of power washing is actually having positive spin-offs for the environment. For starters, most of the machines are designed to work best when using eco-friendly detergents. Such detergents mean that people can do their cleaning without creating any negative impact on the environment.

Secondly, many power washers are designed to achieve maximum cleaning results with minimal water usage. For instance, some power washers release water at a rate as low as 5 gallons per minute. This is lower than the rate for a standard garden faucet hose – which releases 8 gallons per minute.

Some power washers actually have inbuilt water recycling systems. These systems recover some of the water used for cleaning by sucking it up using a vacuum pump. This enables reuse of cleaning water – further reducing the water usage.

Minimizing water usage reduces the overall energy imprint required for each clean. Given that power washing is now useful for removing all sorts of dirt including grease, grime, mud, mold, loose paint and even chemicals, the overall reduction in energy can be significant. This can have an overall positive impact on the environment.

Helpful Power Washing Tips

Power washers can be incredibly helpful. Beyond being their benefits to the environment, the machines simplify cleaning without back-breaking effort. However, to get the most out of the cleaning technique, there are a number of things which need to be observed:

First of all, the pressure levels of power washers vary. Some machines are too powerful for domestic use. When used against windows, shutters or gutters, the water pressure can actually cause damage. As such, when purchasing a machine, it is important to be select one which is appropriate for the intended use.

Secondly, power washers achieve best results when used with detergents. Granted, the sheer pressure of most machines can clean up different types of dirt. However, for quicker and long-lasting results, mixing detergents into the washing water is the best approach.

Thirdly, to maximize the environmental benefits, use the right type of chemicals and detergents when creating the wash mixture. Using eco-friendly detergents will ensure that cleaning gets done without negatively impacting the environment.

Finally, when storing a power washer for long periods of time, it is critical to flush it completely. Make sure that not a single drop of water is left in the tank. If water is left in a power washer for long periods of time, it leads to corrosion and rusting – which damages the machine.

Power Washing – Making the World A Better Place

When all is said and done, power washing is making the world a better place. This is because it is providing a simple, hustle-free and eco-friendly way for cleaning industries, businesses, and homes. However, to maximize its benefits, it is critical that any chemicals and detergents used for creating the washing mixture are made from eco-friendly ingredients.

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