C&L Services Acquires Their 7th Company and Enhances Their Brand with the Acquisition of Knipfing Asphalt Solutions

C&L Services has announced they have acquired Knipfing Asphalt Solutions to enhance their brand and further establish themselves as the leader in pavement maintenance solutions in NJ.

Jackson, NJ – C&L Services acquisition of Knipfing Asphalt Solutions, located in Farmingdale, NJ, further increases the market share that C&L Services currently controls. The acquisition of Knipfing Asphalt Solutions is expected to result in greater efficiencies and a larger customer base moving forward.

Knipfing Asphalt Solutions specializes in infrared asphalt repair
As part of the acquisition, C&L Services acquired highly skilled labor and state of the art equipment to enhance their brand and market share throughout NJ.

With the acquisition of Knipfing Asphalt Solutions, C&L Services is primed for another growth surge in 2021. “This is the 7th company we have acquired and as we continue to grow, this latest acquisition will help us concentrate on adding state of the art infrared technology and expanding our pavement maintenance services throughout New Jersey,” explains Gabe Vitale, Jr., for C&L Services. “Knipfing clients will continue to receive the same high quality infrared asphalt repair and pavement maintenance services that they are accustomed to.”

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C&L Services plans to retain the skilled and talented team of Knipfing Asphalt Solutions employees as well as the expertise of the former owner Al Knipfing. Knipfing Asphalt Solutions is widely known for their asphalt restoration solutions and infrared asphalt repair, as well as offering custom parts for infrared equipment.

Currently C&L Services plans on keeping the brand of Knipfing Asphalt Solution intact, slowly integrating the equipment over to the C&L Services as new equipment is purchased. Al Knipfing said, “We strongly feel joining forces with C&L Services is a great fit for us. Both companies have an excellent reputation and have been known for providing quality pavement maintenance solutions”.

C&L Services is celebrating its 50-year anniversary. As the company grows it plans to expand its market share and broaden its list of impressive property and pavement maintenance services.

C&L Services is well known in the industry for their street sweeping fleet and highly trained staff. Over the years they have expanded services and now offer a variety of property maintenance and pavement maintenance services, including pavement repair, concrete repair, garage scrubbing, power washing, inlet repair, line striping, seal coating, and signage and bollard installation.

The core values of C&L Services are focused on customer satisfaction above all else. Education and safety for its personnel is the hallmark of their operation. To learn more about C&L Services and how they serve their clients, click here.

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