C&L Turns 50 – A Glimpse Into Our Past as We Leap Forward into the Future

Half a century ago, Charlie and Lucy started a street sweeping company from their kitchen table. Today C&L Services is a third-generation powerhouse providing street sweeping and pavement maintenance services throughout New Jersey.

The founders of C&L Sweeper (Now C&L Services): Charlie & Lucy started the company 50 years ago at their kitchen table. Now a third-generation family run business C&L has grown to be one of the largest Street Sweeping and Pavement maintenance companies in New Jersey.

In the early days, Charlie would go around and “drum up” business while Lucy answered the phones. Charlie also took typing classes at night so he could type up flyers to send out to local municipalities. Charlie would start every day at 3:00 a.m. on the sweeper, and he liked to joke with Lucy about not knowing “if he was coming or going to work.” Like many small business startups, there was always hope the business would grow and thrive and that all of the hard work would eventually pay off.

And, over the years, the business did grow. C&L Sweeper moved operations from their house to their first office once business started sweeping in.

The early success of the business allowed Lucy to spend more time raising a family. Charlie and Lucy’s son Gabe soon joined the family business and eventually took over daily operations in 1987. Gabe focused his business plan and slowly began offering other services over time, expanding operations to include other property maintenance and pavement maintenance services.

Gabe’s son, Gabe Jr., (Third Generation) is now working closely with his father to continue the company’s growth and success. Over the past few years, C&L has continued to expanded its services that now include: pavement maintenance, property maintenance, pavement repair, concrete repair, garage scrubbing, and street sweeping services.

Over their 50 year history, C&L Services has grown in services they offer. Pictured is their massive fleet of street sweepers, air blowers, power washing equipment, maintenance equipment, pavement equipment, ground crew trucks and equipment.

The core values of C&L Services are focused on customer satisfaction above all else. Education and safety for its personnel is the hallmark of their operation.  The C&L Services brand and vision of the future is as strong as ever and the company continues to grow year after year. To learn more about C&L Services and how they serve their clients click here.

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