Construction Sweeping – How to Solve the Biggest Concerns with Construction Sweeping

construction sweeping -C&L sweeper - sweeping.comConstruction Sweeping – Staying in Compliance, Avoiding Pollution

Have you ever been cited for construction site debris and dirt finding its way onto the street?

Perhaps you are worried the local EPA inspector will find your site littered and unclean? According to the EPA, dirt track-out often carried by vehicles leaving construction sites is one of the leading causes of pollution in urban centers. This is considered a serious problem because such pollution materials and sediments easily get washed into water bodies, block storm drainage systems, and even find their way into sales offices.

Whether you are a construction or property manager, professional construction sweeping is a necessary service that benefits your property and everyone involved in developing it.

Construction Sweeping – The Easy Way vs. The Right Way

There is an easy fix…and then there is right solution

It is understandable that building contractors and their subs focus more on building and less on cleaning; after all, the EPA does not specify any techniques or machinery that construction companies must adhere to to keep construction areas and the environment clean.

The agency only requires that construction companies implement a ‘comprehensive pollution prevention plan’ for construction projects. Considering today’s challenging construction climate, this means tight project timelines and tight budgets.

Because of the unbinding EPA regulations, there must be separate structural and housekeeping efforts, preferably handled by a professional construction sweeping company.

When it comes to construction sweeping, any missed area will be noticed, and if it isn’t, it will have far-reaching negative effects on the people and the environment. This is why more and more developers are choosing to hire seasoned sweeping companies to handle the cleanup responsibilities on any construction work.

Despite the demanding work conditions, these experts are capable of achieving superb results so that you can focus on construction and not the cleaning. The sweeper’s job typically changes with each job site, but the crew is trained to handle a wide variety of new challenges. As the public gets to understand the importance of Clean Water Act and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan compliance more, expert construction sweeping services are becoming more important than ever.

Construction Sweeping – Selecting the right construction sweeping company

The work of a professional construction sweeping company revolves around the understanding of environmental issues associated with construction sites including dust and water runoff mitigation.

When hiring a construction sweeping company, it is critical that you understand the scope of work which determines the type of equipment or sweeping technique to be employed. Some of the factors to consider include: the material and density of the debris, whether the material is loose or compact, time-frame and time constraints, what happens to the sweepings, and project-specific job site logistics.

Hiring the right construction sweeping company is the ultimate solution to keeping the township and existing homeowners around the construction area satisfied with the cleanliness of the site. Besides, proper cleanup services are good for business because it keeps workers safer and sends the right message to current or future customers who obviously want to live in a clean community with a curb appeal and do their shopping in a clean and tidy environments.

There are many considerations to factor in when looking for the right construction sweeping company but reliability, professionalism, and efficiency should be on top of your checklist. Whether you need a one-time cleanup of a home construction site or on-going sweeping services on a commercial construction site, you must do your homework to find a contractor with the best management practices, sweeping expertise, and the right equipment that delivers results.

You can do BOTH the easy and the right things, call us for quotes and advisory for construction street sweeping.  We’re the construction sweeping experts and we’re responsive, reliable and keep your site looking good – 732-886-1940.

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  1. We just did a big remodel to our home, and I really like how you talked about knowing the scope of work that determines what kind of construction cleanup you need. I think that being able to tell if the material is compact or loose will help the construction cleanup service know what type of tools to use to get the job done right. I’ll have to call a few different cleanup services and see if they can help us take care of the mess from our construction!


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