Garage Scrubbing – Does Your Parking Garage Need A Good Scrubbing?

garage scrubbing - sweeping.comGarage Scrubbing – A Good Return On Investment

Since the Industrial age, Customers have evolved to associate dirty, filthy, and cluttered places with decline and neglect. If you were to walk into an old garage with this type of appearance — that you have to skip over puddles of oil, unidentified stains, and debris strewn all over the place, what would your perception of the owner be? Not good, that’s for sure.

Most parking lot garage owners overlook the importance of garage scrubbing largely because they want to keep costs down but also because they do not spend much time in them.  It’s quite common for a property owner to focus their attention on where their client’s customers visit (the stores and offices), not where customers park.

In this post, you will learn why it is important for you to regularly schedule garage scrubbing and keep the garage looking good at all times.

Garage Scrubbing Reason 1: Safety Comes First

Safety concerns are the most important reasons why the garage should be scrubbed regularly. A buildup of oil spots and dirt poses a risk that could lead to liabilities such as slips and falls.

For example, a person may slip on an oil spill that may not have been properly scrubbed and break their wrist or elbow. Proper garage scrubbing goes a long way to remove these slippery elements from the garage floors to avoid potential legal claims.

Garage Scrubbing Reason 2: Add or Retain Value to Your Property

One of the best ways to retain or create a perception of increased property value is by simply giving it a good scrubbing and making it look clean.

This is why people wash and paint their houses just before they put them on the market. A good garage scrubbing will give the garage a clean and attractive look which creates a perception of higher value.  Besides, a good scrubbing is the surest way to keep stains from becoming permanent and to keep an eye on other potential problems.

The perception a good regular scrubbing creates will translate to happier tenants and even possibly higher rents for the property owner.

Garage Scrubbing Reason 3: Curb appeal is very important too

Curb appeal is vital for any commercial business building. The money the owner spends on the appearance of the parking garage is worth every penny if it means customers and guests feel safe and secure in the garage they park in.

Real Estate experts recommend that you retain the curb appeal of your parking garage by scrubbing oil spots and accumulating dirt as soon as you notice them.

Garage scrubbing is most effective when it is done at low humidity and temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees. This will make it easy to remove the stains and to allow the floor to dry properly.

When was the last time you conducted a good garage scrubbing to get rid of the debris, dirt, and oil—even that which is not visible to the naked eye?

If you are unsure whether you need a garage scrubbing, give us a call and talk to an expert or take some pictures and send them to us for advice.

Improve the safety of the people using the garage and improve the perceived value your property.  A good garage scrubbing is just a call away – 732-886-1940.

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