Garage Scrubbing By The Numbers

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Garage Scrubbing – The Numbers Add Up

We are used to seeing unappealing stains in parking areas across the globe. However, when it comes to a parking garage, these stains become eyesores. Parking garages are one of the most neglected spaces when it comes to professional scrubbing services. Generally the face of of a building gets attention, however, a parking garage should receive just as much attention. Here is a comprehensive guide on professional garage scrubbing:

Garage Scrubbing:  DIY vs Professional Service Numbers

Some people believe they can save money by powerwashing the garage. This will take at least 4 days. However, professional garage scrubbers can complete the same work in just one day.

During the winter season, salt and de-icing chemicals cause a lot of wear on the parking garage. On the other hand during the summer season, vehicles track dust, debris, and grit, causing damage to all the concrete surface of your garage over time. This accumulation of dirt and debris ultimately wears down the surface.

A professional garage scrubber will restore your garage in a single day. First the grime and debris will be removed. Once all this has been cleared away, the surface of your garage will be scrubbed with the help of a power sweeper that can only be operated by an experienced professional. These sweepers deep clean the concrete surface and remove the harmful buildup.

Garage Scrubbing – Number of times a garage should be scrubbed?

Depending on the use and size of the garage parking area, you can schedule your garage scrubber annually, semi-annually or quarterly.

In case of normal traffic- you can hire professional garage scrubbing services every year, in case of heavy traffic- every 6 months, and in case of light traffic- every other year.

Garage Scrubbing – Types of Dirt By The Numbers

  1. Salt (both naturally occurring and ice melt): Removing salt is even difficult for professional garage scrubbing services. Professionals use specialized equipment and detergents specifically for this type of cleaning. Professional scrubbing limits degradation from the winter salt accumulation, and also helps to maintain the “curb appeal” of the garage.
  2. Grease (from car and truck axles): Garage floors don’t just get mud, salt, and dirt on them. Because they are made for car parking, cars drip all kinds of automotive lubricants such as brake fluid, grease, etc. Professional garage scrubbing removes these stains and achieves results in just a few hours.
  3. Oil (dripping from older cars): Oil dripping from vehicles can leave obvious dark stains on your pavement. Since professional scrubbers are equipped with scrubbers, water extraction machines, and other top quality cleaning equipment and chemicals, they can tackle such tough oil stains in no time.

With professional garage scrubbing services, your garage parking deck can be returned to pristine condition.  Call us today at 732-886-194-.  We’re the garage scrubbing experts.

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