Garage Scrubbing – Your Guide To Garage Scrubbing Planning and Preparation

Garage Scrubbing – Key Factors For Critical Maintenance

garage scrubbing - sweeping.comIn order to make the good maintenance decisions, particularly regarding parking garage upkeep and garage scrubbing, several factors need to be considered.

You want the the best service at the lowest cost … the results of a maintenance service should have a visual impact and the cost is justified by positive feedback.

Here are four questions to ask to help with the decision process…

Garage Scrubbing – Why Do It?

The type of property you have influences how often you would conduct a garage scrubbing project.

Here are two criteria to consider:

Appearance –  if you have a property that is supported by a Hospital, retail environment, or professional offices having an attractive appearance is an important measure.

Tenants and their customers/ clients judge the value of a business from its appearance. First impressions are made within 12 seconds and a dirty environment creates a very negative first impression.   

This not only impact the perception of value of the property but could lead to complaints by tenents.

Garage scrubbing is a fast and economical way to immediately improve the overall appearance of the parking garage or parking facilities.

Health – For properties that do cater to hospitals, medical offices, or health related facilities, having a clean environment is supports the values and services offered by these businesses at these properties.

What Garage Scrubbing Does…

In addition to improving the overall look a parking surfaces, garage scrubbing removes negative visual impressions and potential health issues.

Here are some of the issues that garage scrubbing will correct:

garage scrubbing oil stain -
Unsightly oil stains on parking garage deck

Grease & Oil – Because of the variety of vehicles coming in and out of a parking garage, invariably some of these vehicles have mechanical issues and drip grease and oil in the parking stalls.

Although grease and oil generally don’t present health issues, discolorations stand out and are the most visible.

Expert garage scrubbing minimizes or removes these discolorations.

Grime – Although not quite as obvious as grease and oil stains, grime is the slow build-up of oily dirt that collects over time. Eventually this grime becomes very noticeable (and somewhat slippery).

Garage scrubbing has a positive visual impact when the grime is stripped from the parking lot surface.


Animal droppings (feces, feathers, carcas, etc.) don’t present quite the negative visual that grime or grease stains do, however if they build up they become quite noticeable and present a health hazard. 

Birds and their droppings can carry over 60 diseases and mouse droppings can be a breeding ground for deadly hanta viruses.


In seasonal areas, leaves, seeds and other types of vegetative matter can blow into a garage and collect in unusual places.   

Corners, parking blocks and bollards, can be collection points for this type of debris. If other materials are stored (construction or maintenance) these places can be “catch points” where vegetative debris can collect, rot and create an eyesore.


Grimy surfaces attract mold.  Mold is both unhealthy (especially for people with respiratory issues) and unsightly.  

The combination of a moldy, grimy environment usually communicates neglect.

How to Conduct a Garage Scrubbing Project

Plan – Select a vendor with the knowledge, experience, skill  and capabilities to conduct the garage scrubbing project effectively and within budget.  

Reach out and talk directly with the service provider.  Here’s a link to an article we published that offers specific questions to ask a vendor about their experience and capability.

Comparing Apples To Oranges

Prepare – In most garage scrubbing projects, parking areas will be restricted for a brief period.  

Communicate with affected parties until your tongue falls out!

Even when you provide sufficient notice of a garage scrubbing project, there will be tenants and clients who complain.  

Utilize as many communication channels as you have available (email, social media, signs, etc.).

Perform – Be sure to restrict the area for the garage scrubbing project the evening before.  

Clarify expectations with your service provider about potential safety issues and completion deadlines.

If possible, be available at the start of the project to smooth over any unexpected issues.

Evaluate – Immediately after the project is complete, do a visual inspection of the cleaned surface so the results match expectations.

Ideally, this should be done right before the cleaned area is opened to the public so any issues can be resolved while the surface area is still available for cleaning.

Garage Scrubbing – Call The Experts

Do you need an experienced, resourceful garage scrubbing vendor for your parking garage?.

C & L Services is a third generation family owned property maintenance company. We have been scrubbing and servicing shopping centers, commercial properties and communities in New Jersey for over forty years.

Our services include parking lot sweepingmunicipal sweepingconstruction sweeping, and garage scrubbing.

We can help you keep your property in excellent condition with reliable, dependable, cost-effective services. If you’re in North Jersey, Contact us at 908-730-7884.  If you’re in Central New Jersey call us at 732-886-1940 to speak with an experience company that can meet your needs for garage scrubbing.

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