5 Clear Signs That You Should Invest In Paving Services

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When carried out with precision, pavement can last a long time. A decent paving job can last up to a decade. However, nothing lasts forever. Even the best-made driveway or pavement eventually begins to wear and tear. When this happens, you need to invest in paving services to repair or replace them.

The challenge most people have is identifying precisely when to contract a paver. This is because – except in extreme cases – damaged pavement remains quite usable. So, how do you decide when you need to invest in paving services? Well, here are 5 signs which show a need for such services.

Paving Problem – Alligator Cracks

The first sign is when alligator cracks begin to appear on the asphalt. This basically a series of jagged cracks which look like alligator skin. The cracks sometimes begin as small dents caused by bicycle kickstands or motorcycles.

These dents can eventually become the center from which spider cracks develop. As such, dents and spider cracks are actually early warning signs. However, the time to act is when alligator cracks begin to appear.

Paving Problem – Linear Cracks

Another pointer to a need for repair is when linear cracks begin to appear. These are basically cracks which follow a longitudinal or curved trajectory.

This type of crack can be up to several feet long. They typically arise when tinier cracks are ignored. As such, when linear cracks begin to appear, it is a clear sign that the driveway or pavement needs to be repaired.

Paving Problem – Potholes

A pothole appears when a section of the pavement has failed. A tiny dent creates a center of weakness. As such, every time someone drives over the dent, another piece of the paving material breaks off. With time, a hole appears in the pavement and gets bigger the longer it is neglected.

As time passes, you begin to feel a bump when you drive over the hole. Also, when it rains, the hole fills up with water. When potholes begin to appear, that is a clear sign that you need to repair or even replace the surface.

Paving Problem – Failing Asphalt

The asphalt used on a driveway or pavement can actually fail. When this occurs, the asphalt starts warping, shoving, bending and developing irregularities. In extreme cases, ruts begin to appear on the surface.

Asphalt failure can have different causes. The most common one is a weak asphalt mixture or insufficient thickness. However, this weakness is often aggravated by moisture infiltration. Whatever the cause, failing asphalt needs to be fixed urgently. This is because the warping can cause skidding – especially for motorcycles – thereby contributing to an accident, particularly on rainy days.

Paving Problem – Greying Asphalt

Although asphalt seems tough, it actually has one weakness, i.e. the sun. The ultraviolet rays of the sun eventually break down the oils in the asphalt. The visible effect of this is that the asphalt turns grey.

Asphalt turning grey is actually an early pointer to the weakening of its integrity. The oils usually play a critical role in holding paving material together. As such, when oils dry out, the asphalt loses its core strength. The end result is that it becomes brittle and more susceptible to wear and tear. When asphalt begins turning grey, it is a clear sign that it needs to be replaced.

In a nutshell, those are the five signs that you need to invest in paving services. Therefore, if you start to notice the above signs on your driveway, pavement or any other paved surface, then know that it is the right time to contact a paver.

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4 thoughts on “5 Clear Signs That You Should Invest In Paving Services”

  1. I agree that a pothole is a good reason to hire a paving contractor. It would make sense to want to get the hole repaired as soon as possible because it would get larger and harder to treat with time. My driveway has been developing a pothole recently, so maybe I should get a paving contractor to come fix it.

  2. Wow, I had no idea that sunlight breaking down oils, is what causes asphalt to turn gray. I have been noticing the parking lot next to me is turning more gray. I can see how it might need to be fixed soon, if turning gray is a sign of losing strength.

  3. I like that you mentioned how asphalt becomes gray and weakens over time. I’ve noticed that the driveway at a home that I just bought is very gray, I never would have guessed it was because the sun was breaking down the oils. I can see how this would effect the asphalt in the long run. It’s made me consider getting a contractor to come and repave the driveway.

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