Is it Time for a Spring Clean Up? A Checklist for Protecting Your Property

Spring Clean Up Services Include Power Washing, Street Sweeping and Repairs to your Concrete and Pavement.

Keeping your property, communities and shopping centers in top condition can be challenging. Luckily, finding one company in NJ that can handle the maintenance of your property, buildings and roadways has never been easier.

When the weather gets warmer it is time to review your springtime maintenance checklist to ensure your property, buildings, walkways and roadways are clear of debris, dirt and stains. Let us review some of the most popular things you can do in springtime to keep your property looking fresh!

Spring Clean Up Services offered by C&L:

  • Street Sweeping – Parking Lots and Streets
  • Power Washing – Buildings, fences, sidewalks and walkways
  • Asphalt Repair – Fix potholes and cracked or failing pavement.
  • Concrete Walkway and Curbs – Repair cracked or failing concrete.
  • Crack Fill and Seal Coating – Includes crack filling and seal coating asphalt.
  • Inlet Inspection – Inlets (storm drains) may need repair/replacement.
  • Line Striping – Replace faded lines with fresh painted stripes and HCP markers

Street Sweeping, Street Cleaning Service – C&L Services

As the mild weather approaches, our busy crews from C&L Services have already started street sweeping shopping centers, office parks, retail centers, malls and HOA communities all of New Jersey. Street sweeping’s main purpose is to collect any holdover leaves from the fall and winter season. Also, sweeping away accumulated dirt, salt and debris is most important to protect our waterways. Did you know salt can be damaging when it makes it’s way into storm sewer systems and eventually ends up in NJ waterways?

Power Washing – Professional and Environmentally Safe

Power Washing is often at the top of the list of spring clean up services that often have the biggest impact on any property. Keep mold, slime and dirt from returning to the exteriors of your shopping center, office building, townhome building, clubhouse areas, fences and home.

Unsightly stains, dirt, mold, mildew, fungus, and even graffiti can be safely and easily removed if you have the professional equipment for your power washing projects. Using a special blend of environmentally safe cleaners, our crew will quickly make your HOA community, amenities areas, shopping centers, home or storefront look like new.

power washing spring clean up services

Asphalt Repair, Pavement Repair Services

Potholes, cracked pavement, and damaged sidewalks should also be on your property maintenance checklist. With professional pavement repair services, including saw cut asphalt repair and infrared repair technology, C&L Services makes failing asphalt repair seamless.

Infrared repair works by heating up and melting the damaged asphalt. Melting the asphalt loosens so it can be raked in with a new hot mix of asphalt and shaped with a rejuvenator to restore it to its original condition, or better.

Crack filling and seal coating is also a great way to make your parking lots look new and prevent further damage. With the finishing touches of line striping, your parking lot could look great for years!

Concrete and Cement Repair Services

Our concrete repair services are second to none. Concrete and cement repair and replacement services has been one of the specialized services that C&L Services has offered to our clients for decades. Our experienced team of personnel will manage your project from start to finish.

C&L Services can repair or replace your damaged roadways, sidewalks, and curbs to ensure safety and increase curb appeal for motorists and pedestrians. Our crews can handle all your projects, including replacing sections of sidewalk, repairing handicap ramps, and simple curbing projects. Our experienced team uses the highest quality concrete and construction methods to ensure your repairs will stand the test of time.

sidewalk concrete repair

Our crews at C&L Services provide property maintenance, street sweeping service, pavement repair, pothole patching, and asphalt repair services throughout New Jersey. Continual, routine maintenance is important to the overall health of your property or community. C&L Services makes spring clean up fast, safe, and affordable.

C&L Services covers a service area that includes all Counties of New Jersey.

To see our full list of services call 908.730.7888 (North Jersey) or 732.886.1940 (South Jersey) or CLICK HERE!

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