Keep Your Asphalt in Top Condition With Total Pavement Maintenance Services from C&L

Protecting roads and parking lots from normal wear and tear is a vital part of maintaining them over the life of the pavement. Companies like C&L Services have been protecting, repairing, and maintaining roadways and parking lots for decades. You will not find a higher rated asphalt repair company in the New Jersey marketplace.

Over the years, C&L has expanded their services to better service their customers. Here are some of the featured asphalt repair services we perform for our customers:

Pothole Patching & Repairs – We use a variety of methods to patch and repair potholes in your pavement, including throw and go, throw and roll, saw-cutting repairs, and infrared repairs.

Infrared Asphalt Repair – Our preferred method of repairing potholes, the infrared asphalt repair process heats the damaged area to 325 degrees, exposing loose aggregate which is easily raked away. A rejuvenator is applied to compensate for the lost oils found in the asphalt that weather may have stripped out over time, and then fresh asphalt is distributed, raked and compacted creating a strong bond to the existing pavement. This method results and much longer lasting repair.

Parking Lot Striping – We only use the best technology, which gives you the durable and longest lasting paints available. We can ensure our line striping and handicap marking services are performed at the most convenient time for your property.

Crack Filling – Crack filling the cracks in your parking lots and roadways is a quick, reliable, and cost effective way to ensure your asphalt will last for decades and extends the need for a large cash outlay to remove and replace the entire parking lot or roadway.

Seal Coating – Our seal coating equipment and trained crews will have your parking lots looking new in no time, as well as doubling the life of the pavement by protecting it from the elements.

Catch Basins & Inlet Repair – We have been replacing failed catch basins and inlets for decades. We have the experience to address minor issues before they become larger ones. If a complete replacement needs to take place, we are your complete source for affordable catch basin or inlet repair options.

Pavement Milling – If it is time to replace your top layer of asphalt, we have specialized milling equipment to strip away the top layer of asphalt to prepare it for paving. This is especially effective for parking lots of retail centers, shopping malls, office parks, and many areas inside communities.

No matter where your pavement is at in it’s current life cycle, C&L Services can inspect and recommend a maintenance program for you that will save you money in the long run. How long your parking lot, driveway or roadway lasts all depends on if it is being properly cared for. Contact us today for a free estimate (732) 886-1940 or click here for more information.

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