Parking Garage Scrubbing & Warehouse Floor Cleaning

Parking Garage Scrubbing & Warehouse Floor Cleaning by
Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as C & L Services)

Sweeping Corp. of America’s (Operating as C & L Services) professional Parking Deck and Garage Scrubbing Service removes layers of oil, dirt and grime from your parking garage floor.

Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as C & L Services) starts with an application of heavy-duty degreasers followed by a power washing crew to rinse dirt from walls and columns and finally a commercial grade scrubbing of all floors and ramps using our top-of-the-line automatic ride-on floor scrubbers.

Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as C & L Services) guarantees work will be performed at the most convenient time for your property to limit the inconvenience to your residents and tenants.

Parking garage scrubbing trucks - C&L Services
we scrub parking decks and parking garages - parking garage scrubbing services
parking garage scrubbing services - C&L Services

Our Parking Garage and Warehouse Cleaning Service is Tailored to Service the Needs of:

  • HOA’s
  • Co-Op Buildings
  • Office Parks
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Celebrating 50 Years of Pavement Maintenance Expertise

Our long-standing history and reputation for getting things done quickly and efficiently started in 1971. And although we started as a street sweeping company, over the years we have expanded our services to cover everything our clients need!

Call today for and estimate and see for yourself how our garage scrubbing services can transform your garage or warehouse from dingy to sparkling clean in 24 hours. 

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