Parking Lot Asphalt Repair and Replacement for Retail Centers and Office Parks

When your asphalt is showing signs of wear and tear, it is best to address the problems right away. Smaller problems with pavement often become bigger, more expensive problems.

Damaged pavement and potholes can not only do damage to car tires and rims, but it can also be a hazard for pedestrians in your parking lot. For 50 years, C&L has provided expert parking lot asphalt repair and pavement maintenance services including removal and replacement of failed areas, resurfacing, reconstruction, and infrared asphalt repair.


Over time, cracks appear in pavement and, if not treated early, water will invade the cracked areas and weaken the pavement. As winter sets in, the cracks become larger and create new cracks, which lead to potholes. If the areas are concentrated, the infected area can be removed and replaced. The unsound pavement can be removed by saw cutting the affected asphalt. Then, after the damaged pavement is removed, the base is regraded, compacted and new pavement is added, installed, and compacted.


Potholes in high traffic areas, pavement heaving, uneven surfaces, seam failures and isolated areas of rough pavement are all good candidates for infrared asphalt repair. The remedy involves adding a combination of hot asphalt to the existing asphalt, then compacting the area for a perfect and seamless finish. Specialized equipment heats up the asphalt to over 300 degrees. A special rejuvenator is applied to restore lost oils along with a hot mix material. The area is then raked and graded and finally compacted to create an integral patch.


In high traffic areas going in and out of parking lots, potholes are often repaired with throw and go mix. Although this is a cheap and quick fix, this repair does not last more than a few weeks or months. Using the throw and go method, asphalt material is thrown into an unprepared pothole which may or may not contain water and debris until the pothole is filled.

As winter approaches and we see more snowplows in New Jersey, parking lots will surely see some wear and tear. When you see the first sign of potholes forming, call the parking lot asphalt repair experts at C&L Services. We can quickly determine the best course of action for each individual situation. Whether your asphalt needs to be replaced, repaired or just a quick fix, call us at (732) 886-1940 or fill out a form on our Contact page.

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