Pothole Patching: 2 Similar Methods

pothole patching
An example of a pothole

Potholes can occur on any type of pavement including local roads, parking lots, and freeways. There are a few different pothole patching methods used to repair them. The two most similar methods are the “Throw & Go” and the “Throw & Roll”.

Pothole Patching: Throw & Go Method

With the “throw & go” method, the mix is just thrown into the pothole along with the water and debris that is already in there. The mix is not compacted once it is thrown into the pothole. This method is most commonly used during the winter months. It is a “quick fix” with the intention being to eliminate the safety issue. The thrown and go method should only be used when the road is due to be replaced or when weather conditions do not allow. It is the least expensive pothole patching method and also the quickest. For that reason, it is used by many maintenance companies.

Pothole Patching: Throw & Roll Method

pothole patching
Completed pothole

Like the “throw & go”, the mix is thrown into the pothole with the dirt and debris present. The mix is then compacted with a truck rolling over it several times. Being that the mix is compacted, it is less susceptible to moisture. It takes an extra minute or two to compact the mixture by rolling over it. Therefore, it does not significantly affect productivity. Following compaction, the area can be opened up to traffic, providing all equipment and materials are out of the way. The “throw & roll” method can be very effective, providing a high-quality material is being used.

Pothole Patching: Which Method to Use

The decision of which method to use depends on the following factors

  1. Weather: in sub-zero temperatures, the “throw and go” is the only method possible.
  2. Time Until Scheduled Repair: if the road is to be repaired soon, no need to spend the money on more permanent repair methods
  3. Availability of Materials and Man-Power: the “throw & go” as well as the “throw & roll” may be the only methods possible due to availability
  4. Tolerance of the Public: the public, generally, does not tolerate potholes and expects them to be repaired immediately.

Pothole patching can be completed by most pavement maintenance contractors. Remember, not repairing potholes regularly, leads to liability and safety issues down the road. 


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