Pothole Prevention Tips from the Pavement Maintenance Experts at C&L Services

C&L Services is leading the industry in pavement maintenance services in New Jersey. When you see the first signs of potholes forming, the crews at C&L will quickly and efficiently solve the most stubborn roadway repairs. Although some pothole repairs are temporary, here are some tips on preventing potholes from forming in the first place and what to do when you see them forming.

Waiting for winter to make roadway fixes often means the repairs are temporary. But what if you can prevent potholes from forming in the first place? As with any type of maintenance, a preventative strategy works best. Catching the problem early on and repairing the root cause means small cracks don’t become large potholes.

A pothole forms when a crack in the pavement occurs and water penetrates it. The constant expansion and contraction of the water due to fluctuations in temperature (especially in the winter) causes the pavement to burst out with motorist traffic. Sealing cracks in the summer and fall will often prevent the cracks and potholes from appearing in winter and spring.

Did you know the average driver in the Northeast spends an average of $375.00 a year to make repairs to tires, rims, chipped paint and windshield damage caused by hazardous road conditions?

Some road surfaces and parking lots have too many cracks and need repair and a top-coat known as crack fill and seal coating. Considering the time and money it costs to repair potholes and pothole damage, a much more cost-effective approach is to seal the pavement. By sealing the pavement, water can be kept out of the cracked areas and this will greatly reduce the chance of potholes forming in the first place.

If you do have potholes that are appearing and need them fixed, C&L Services offers various ways of fixing the damage:

  1. Throw and Go
  2. Throw and Roll
  3. Semi-Permanent Repair
  4. Infrared Pothole Repair

If you have a pothole problem in your parking lot, call the experts at C&L Services at 732.886.1940 or fill out a form on our Contact page.

C&L Service’s team of trained professionals will repair all potholes and are trained to alert you at the first sign of a pothole. Pothole repair can be done year-round with the throw & go method or the help of our infrared equipment. Potholes should be taken care of immediately before they turn into a bigger issue.

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