Power Sweeping – Weird Things People Do With Street Cleaning

Power Sweeping – Sometimes It Gets Weird Out There

power sweeping - fallen leaves belong in bags
Fallen leaves belong in bags — not in the street!

Never underestimate how creative people can be when they do bizarre things.

I’ve seen very crazy situations when conducting power sweeping projects and I scratch my head trying to understand why people do such odd things.

So, what are some of the weird things that people do relating to Power Sweeping?

Power Sweeping – People Throw things into the street

For some reason, people think that power sweeping days are wonderful opportunities to dispose of debris.   So rather than sweep it up and throw it in the trash like normal people, they dump things into the street.

Now these are not usually large items, however the most common item is lawn debris such as leaves and cut grass.

Power sweeping is designed to pick up this type of biological matter, but not in huge quantities.

power sweeping party garbage - sweeping.com
The street sweeper has a big job ahead!

The other common type of trash is party trash. Debris such as beer bottles, beer cans, red party cups, party favors, and all types of leftover party junk.   

This type of waste can be swept up by a power sweeper but is better off in a trash bag sold for this type of garbage.

Power Sweeping – People Dump chemicals and pollutants into the street

Another common problem is people who disposing chemicals into the street expecting the street sweeper to “sweep it up” or “spray it down”.   

Now many people don’t realize that the chemicals that they dump into the street end up directly in the waterways that we use for our drinking water.  

And one of the most common types of chemicals that end up on the street is antifreeze.

People park their cars in the street and flush their cooling systems into the street where the chemicals flow into a storm sewer.

If the car has a copper radiator or heater core, the waste coolant is also contaminated with lead.

In the United States it’s illegal for professional mechanics to dispose of used coolant, so dumping onto the street to be swept up by a power sweeper is a BIG no-no.

Crash Into the power sweeper

The vehicles used for power sweeping are not very fast vehicles.   And yet people crash into them quite frequently.

Perhaps the fact that power sweepers are usually not there all the time and then they slowly appear still makes them a bit of a surprise, but an accident can still be quite serious if you crash into a power sweeper.

Motorcyclist dies after crashing into street sweeper

Also it appears that being inebriated near a vehicle that is power sweeping can be deadly.   Here’s a report about a man who made the wrong step into the path of a street cleaning vehicle and got swept into the undercarriage of the street sweeper. Power sweeping vehicles may be slow, but they are still contain powerful brushes and vacuums that can be quite dangerous.

Man Falls Under Street Sweeper After Ballgame

Makeshift Power Sweeping

Power sweeping vehicles are quite expensive although very necessary for the cleanliness and environmental upkeep of the community.

In some countries, enterprising entrepreneurs who can’t afford a traditional street sweeper build their own makeshift power sweeping machines to provide street cleaning services.   

Here’s a good example of power sweeping creativity in action:

Power Sweeping Music

For those of you who are fans of rap rock, have a listen to the Street Sweeper Social Club.  This band hails from Los Angeles and consists of guitarist Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and vocalist/emcee Boots Riley of The Coup.  They classify themselves as more of a musical social club…but why street sweeping?  Beats me.

Check them out here – Street Sweeper Social Club – Paper Planes

Power Sweeping – Let Us Not Be Weird

If you need power sweeping, let us deal with the weird stuff.

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