Power Washing – Washing With Water Is Not Enough

power washing sweeping.comWhether it is your home, office, or a commercial space, keeping your entrance and driveway clean shows you care. Power washing helps provide that care and enhances the property’s appearance.

In spite of daily cleaning, maintenance and upkeep, conventional cleaning methods may not be enough to keep the driveways clean and in good shape. That is the main reason why there is a demand for power washing. There are other advantages and in this article we’ll cover a few.

Power Washing – Quick And Efficient Washing

When there is a need for quick, thorough and efficient washing, power washing is the best option. It provides the deepest cleaning compared to hand brushing or simply hosing the surface with a hand sprayer. This generally restores the original looks and appearances of the driveway and other surfaces that can withstand this type of cleaning.

Power Washing is Cost Effective

Though many might feel that power washing could be an expensive, just as many are surprised at how cost effective it can be. The results that power washing provides (in a very short period of time) and a fresh look of the clean area provide good value. If you see mold, lichen or moss growing on any of the surfaces of your property this is a red flag for potential property damage (and it’s an eyesore).  Ignoring the growth of these micro-organisms could lead to damage or discolorations of property surfaces (concrete in particular).

Power Washing With Water Alone May Not Be Enough

Although some companies power wash using just water, we recommend special cleaning solutions to insure effective cleaning.  Though the mold and other microorganism could be removed temporarily through water pressure, they are likely to return if no other remediation is applied.

A better option is to choose a chemical composition especially for the cleaning issue mixed into the power washing spray. This provides thorough cleaning and more permanent solution.  There are some who question that the use of these chemicals might be potentially damaging to the environment.  However, today there are many eco-friendly solutions available which ensure that there is proper deep cleaning without any damage to the ecosystem.

Here’s a listing that will give you some idea of the variety of chemicals needed for different applications – http://www.powerwash.com/chemicals.html

The Complete Perspective

Although washing with chemical based solutions could increase cost, this should not be the primary factor in the power washing project. The consequences of not using chemicals could generate the need for more frequent cleaning. In the long view, for a few pennies more, you have peace of mind and a surface that will stay cleaner longer.

Looking for expert power washing?  Give us a call at 732-886-1940.  We’ll be glad to look at your property, give you a reasonable quote and ensure you’re satisfied when we’re done.


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