Pressure Washing: How to Do It

pressure washing pavement
Pressure Washing pavement at the Color Me Rad Run

Pressure washing, commonly referred to as power washing, is a complex service. When done correctly and with the proper equipment, pressure washing will make your home or property look brand-new. This blog post will explore the science of pressure washing and what machine is best suited for the type of job you wish to complete.

Pressure Washing: Using the Proper Machines

A common misperception is that an electric machine will be enough to power wash a house. The truth is, unless your house is small or not very dirty, an electric machine will not suffice. This type of machine is best suited for cleaning small boats or patio furniture that has been in storage all winter.

Keep in mind that pressure washing machines are measured in terms of cleaning unites – the amount of water pressure. The more cleaning units, the more powerful the machine. In most cases, when pressure washing yourself, it is best to scrub the area you wish to clean with a brush before you do anything else. Then you can use the machine to power wash the surface.

Pressure Washing a House in 8 Simple Steps

If you are pressure washing a house yourself, we have found an article that will take you through the job, step by step.

pressure washing sidewalk
Pressure Washing a Sidewalk

How to Pressure Wash a House

Pressure washing involves using a high-velocity water spray to clean dirt and residue from the exterior of a house. This type of cleaning is an important preparatory step before painting or repainting your house. A clean surface allows new paint to last longer.

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As stated earlier, pressure washing will make your property look brand-new and provides that coveted first impression. The more complex the job, the more powerful machine you will need. Do not mix the water with harmful chemicals. Furthermore, if you are a power washing contractor, keep in mind that water reclamation is a must in order to remain EPA compliant. 

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