Seal Coating, Crack Filling and Line Striping is the Perfect Way to Repair Your Parking Lot this Spring

Spring has finally sprung! And with the warmer weather, it may be time to repair your parking lot. Parking lots experience excessive wear and tear during winter, especially in New Jersey. The extreme cold temperatures in the winter followed by blistering heat in the summer will create cracks that will grow over time. Potholes and cracked pavement not only look unsightly but create a hazard for pedestrians and can result in expensive damage to vehicles.

Crack filling, seal coating and line striping are all cost-effective ways to make your parking lot look new. The first step in the process is to repair the pavement itself and mitigate future expansion of cracks. Crack filling inhibits crack growth and will keep new cracks from forming.

Parking Lot Repair – Who Needs it?

  • Shopping Malls
  • Retail Centers and Strip malls
  • Office Parks
  • Municipalities
  • HOA Community Parking Areas
  • Mixed Use Retail/Residential Areas

Once the parking lot is cleaned and patched, seal coating will then be applied over the repaired asphalt. Seal coating is a layer of protection that blocks out the elements like water and oil, and also protects the asphalt from UV damage. It is a liquid sealer that forms an impenetrable barrier once it is applied. Once the seal coat is dry, the resulting surface is durable, flexible and weather resistant.

The finishing touch to any parking lot is line striping. Marking out the striping in advance will ensure the lines are in the proper location, including any ADA markers that need to be applied. Make sure you use professional and reliable contractors who have proper insurance and have a reputation for doing quality work.

repair your parking lot with C&L Services

C&L Services – Not Just a Street Sweeping Company!

Over their 50-year history, their services have continued to grow and expand to become one of New Jersey’s largest pavement maintenance companies. Recently, C&L Services has expanded their market share with the acquisition of Knipfing Asphalt Solutions. Read the full story here!

Over the past few years, C&L has continued to expand its services that now include pavement maintenance, property maintenance, pavement repair, concrete repair, garage scrubbing, and street sweeping services to cover a service area encompassing all of New Jersey.

The C&L Services brand and vision of the future is as strong as ever and the company continues to grow year after year. To learn more about C&L Services and how they serve their clients click here.

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