A Complete Checklist to Make Your Shopping Center & Parking Areas Look Great

At shopping centers, community centers and malls everywhere, traffic is picking up as the economy rolls forward. And because of increased traffic, shopping centers, malls and retail centers the need for parking lots to be maintained on a regular basis is even greater. With continued maintenance, you can save money on costly repairs and avoid replacement costs for longer periods of time. This checklist will include all items in the parking areas and exterior parts of your shopping center that can be cleaned and maintained by C&L Services to keep your property looking great and pedestrians safe.

Checklist for Keeping Your Shopping Center Looking Great!

  • Street sweeping the parking areas at regular intervals
  • Check roadways and parking areas for cracks or potholes.
  • Check parking lot lines for fades and cracks or missing sections
  • Check for missing or damaged signage
  • Check for concrete damage on curbs, walkways, sidewalks and ramps
  • Check exterior of building, portico, windows, and pavers for dirt build up – it may be time for power washing
  • Check bollards for damage

Street Sweeping Parking Lots

Regular street sweeping of your parking lots solves many problems. From picking up litter and debris to keeping the environment safe, regular interval street sweeping also keeps paved areas looing good while helping to prevent salt from prematurely deteriorating your asphalt surfaces. Customer services is our top priority, so we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your maintenance is scheduled at a time that is both convenient for you and your customers.

Cracked Pavement and Potholes

Major cracks and missing asphalt should be repaired as soon as it becomes visible. Pothole repairs are possible using a variety of methods. Once the asphalt is repaired and cracks filled, it is recommended to have the surface of the parking lot seal coated. C&L Services utilizes a variety of cost-effective methods to repair potholes, as well as crack filling and seal coating services to keep your asphalt in top condition.

Line Striping Services

Whether on fresh pavement or pavement that has been seal coated, line striping adds the finishing touch to any parking lot. Using the right materials, paint and equipment can make the project fast and affordable. Contact C&L Services if you are in need of professional line striping services today!

repair your shopping center parking lot with C&L Services

Traffic Signage

Traffic signs in retail areas take a beating and often need to be replaced. We have added this item to the checklist because we have seen our share of missing, leaning or broken signs. C&L Services is your one-stop-shop for official DOT (Department of Transportation) HCP parking signs, roadway signs for speed limit, stop signs or yield signs.


Concrete repair beautifies your property and reduces your chance of liability by making your property safer, more attractive and reduces the chance that faulty concrete will cause other unwanted maintenance problems. C&L Services can examine the damaged areas and will outline the details of repairing and replacing sections that need attention.

Power Washing

Power washing is an affordable way to keep dirt, soot and mold away from walking surfaces and facades of retail centers and community buildings. C&L Services uses a special power washing formula which helps prevent future mold and dirt as well as keeping the environment safe.


Bollards on the sides and rear of retail centers and shopping malls are meant to keep the building safe from truck delivery vehicles, as well as pedestrians safe from traffic. C&L Services can replace bent and damaged bollards with new ones including a variety of special paints and color options.


C&L Services maintains and operates a fleet of over 20+ pickup trucks used for Portering and property maintenance services. Our team of trained Portering crews are responsible for looking after and taking care of all areas in a shopping center or office park that are inaccessible to the sweeper.

Our crews at C&L Services provide pavement repair, pothole patching, and asphalt repair services throughout New Jersey. Continual, routine maintenance is important to the overall health of the asphalt and the overall look of your parking lot and property. C&L Services makes pavement repair fast, safe, and affordable.

C&L Services covers a service area that includes all Counties of New Jersey.

To see our full list of essential services call 908.730.7888 (North Jersey) or 732.886.1940 (South Jersey) or CLICK HERE!

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