Shopping Center Property Maintenance – DIY (Do It Yourself) or Find a Partner?

Shopping Center Property Maintenance – The Temptation to Do Things Yourself

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Are you ready to do this shopping center maintenance work?

You just bought your first shopping center. You are deciding whether or not to handle the property maintenance yourself.

You could do it yourself, but here’s some things to think about:

1) Shopping Center maintenance requires experience and knowledge to take care of ongoing maintenance and potential unexpected issues.  Do you have the knowledge, experience and time to effectively maintain your property?

2) Do you have the cash needed for ongoing maintenance, including materials and extra labor?.

3) Did we mention time? The time you spend on the maintenance of you shopping center might take you away from other important management issues.

Shopping Center Property Maintenance – Partnering with the Professionals

Hire a professional property maintenance company to take care of the work for you. Here are the benefits that come with this choice.

portering shopping centers -
Portering (trash pickup and removal) – time consuming, but necessary.

1) You save a lot of time, especially when it comes to ongoing maintenance. Portering (trash pickup, trash removal, sweeping, etc) is done on schedule and by employees who are trained for the job.  Small maintenance issues are reported and resolved before they become larger (and more costly) issues.

Hiring someone to focus on regular maintenance helps keep you focused on other important property management tasks. Operations, leasing, communication all go more smoothly with the maintenance process handled by a professional maintenance company. Your maintenance company can deal with the maintenance issues, you as a property owner work on the business of managing the property.

2) Everyone has that “one” person that complains all the time. Shopping complexes get it too. Your maintenance company can respond to those issues.

3) What do you know about environmental and property maintenance regulations?  Although acquiring and owning a shopping center does have educational aspects, keeping up with local, state and federal regulations relating to environment and maintenance is usually not on property owner’s rader. These types of regulations are regularly reviewed by property maintenance professionals.

Shopping Center Property Maintenance – The Path of Least Resistance

Hire a professional property maintenance company you trust to work with you. Hiring someone could save you time, money and stress.  Hiring someone who knows property maintenance, maintenance regulations and is committed to providing excellent work is an investment in your property.

Shopping Center Property Maintenance – Realistic Tips

shopping center maintenance portering -
Shopping Center maintenance – Equipment and labor to do the job right.

1) There is a saying that cheap work is not good and good work is not cheap. Obtaining professional property maintenance does require a financial commitment, however it might be a small price to pay for peace of mind and tenant satisfaction.

2) Make sure you do a thorough background check on the company you hire. Some may not have all the resources you need to effectively manage your property.  Here’s a previous article we wrote to help you select the right company – Property Maintenance | This is the Checklist You Should Use

Shopping Center Property Maintenance – Do You Need a Partner?

C & L Services is a third generation family owned property maintenance company. We have been providing property maintenance services to shopping center owners, commercial property owners and communities in New Jersey for over forty years.

Our services include parking lot sweeping,  pavement maintenanceseal coating, and line striping.

We can give your property the attention needs and keep your residents happy.

If you’re in North Jersey, Contact us at 908-730-7884.  If you’re in Central New Jersey call us at 732-886-1940 to arrange for shopping center property maintenance.


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