Shopping Center Sweeping – Should You Sweep The Parking Lot Before or After the Winter?

Shopping Center Sweeping – The Big Question

shopping center sweepingPerhaps the question I get asked the most about shopping center sweeping is, “when is the best time to do a thorough parking lot sweep and clean? 

Should I do it before the winter so there is not much to do when the winter is over?

Or should I wait until winter is over and then do a thorough cleanup in the spring?”

My answer is, “it depends…”

Now I know that’s not a definitive answer, which is frustrating but there are several questions that need to be answered in order to give a definitive answer.

Shopping Center Sweeping – First question is how big is your parking lot?

The size of your parking lot really determines whether you should have parking lot sweeping at all.

Small shopping center parking lot – If your parking lot holds between 20 and 50 cars this is a rather small parking lot. You should rely mainly on manual portering you keep your parking lot clean. The shopping center sweeping is usually done with a simple broom and hopper pan.

Medium shopping center parking lot – If your parking lot holds between 50 and 500 cars then a good sweeping can spruce up the parking lot.  Not only will the appearance improve, But you can prepare the parking lot for other types of improvement projects such as asphalt repair, pothole patching, seal coating or lien striping.

Large shopping center parking lot – If your parking lot holds more than 500 cars then you probably have a substantial piece of real estate that needs maintenance. This is a parking lot that should have regular sweeping and maintenance.

Shopping Center Sweeping – It depends

So going back to the question should you sweep the parking lot before or after the winter you see now it depends.

 It appears that the weather really shouldn’t be part of the decision making process, it’s really the size of the parking lot that dictates the need for shopping center sweeping.

What  should I do Before the winter  to prepare my parking lot?

Inspect the Parking lot – Grab a pad and a pen, then go out and walk the parking lot.  Walk in a back and forth pattern to inspect the condition of the asphalt, concrete and cleanliness of the lot.   

Do you see any areas that need repair, replacement, painting, or cleaning?   Note these on your pad.

When you get back to the office rate these on a scale of 1 to 3.

1 is a critical must do,

2 is a should do,

3 is a nice to do.

Consider the items you rated as a one to be the most critical that need to be completed prior to the winter.

Shopping Center Sweeping – More than just sweeping

Some of the pre-winter tasks to consider are:

Concrete repairs, curbs,  sidewalks, parking stops, ballard bases, decorative concrete.   Rate anything that could cause a trip or fall hazard as a particularly critical item.

Asphalt repairs, potholes, large cracks

Inlet repairs –  any Inlet that is showing cracking or sinking ( it’s not going to get better over the winter)

Crack filling, sealcoating, and striping or not quite as critical,  however if the striping for handicap parking for traffic flow has started to fade,  it’s best to touch it up before bad weather arrives.

Shopping Center Sweeping – Winter Prep

A few other things that really don’t have anything to do with parking lot sweeping,  what are work thinking about are:

Emergency contractors such a snow removal or  roofers (looks like hurricanes are only going to get worse with continuing global warming)

Do you have your snow removal and ice melt supplies in good condition and ready for the first snow emergency?

although items  listed above appear to be  a lot of additional work, these tasks can be completed in a few hours.

So getting back to our original question about Shopping Center sweeping, we’ve given you a lot to think about and perhaps have answered the question for you.

Shopping Center Sweeping – Need Help with Your Shopping Center Parking Lot?

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We can give your property the attention needs and keep your residents happy.

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