Street Sweeping –  Drivers Are the Eyes, Ears, and Brains of Street Sweeping

How many times have you thought about street sweeping drivers?

If you’re like most people the answer is never. And like most people you would probably wonder, “Why in heaven’s name would I be thinking about street sweeper drivers?”

However, thinking about street sweeper drivers can be enlightening. There’s far more to the job than people think (and people rarely think about street sweeping).  

They are actually the unsung heroes of clean, tidy and healthy.

So let’s have a look at street sweeping drivers in more detail, and then you’ll learn how to appreciate what they do the next time you notice them on your street.

Street sweeping – What Drivers Do Before Sweeping a Street

street sweeping operators dashboard -
Street Sweeper Drivers Vehicle Dashboard. Looks like the instruments in an airplane, doesn’t it?

Route Assignment – although there are some drivers that have been driving the same route for years, most drivers are assigned different routes weekly and sometimes daily.

Drivers must either call in or log in to a central office daily to obtain their assigned route for the day.

Weather check – Drivers also do a weather check to determine the conditions (rain and snow are not optimal conditions for street sweeping) and to obtain alternative assignments if the weather prevents street sweeping.

Equipment inspection –  driver’s conduct a full inspection of the vehicle  which includes fuel check, control panel inspection, hopper inspection, tube and gutter sweep check, conveyor belt check, and overall operation and maintenance of the vehicle.

Street Sweeping – What Drivers Do On The Route

Depending on what type of street sweeping being performed that day, there are differences in the tasks and obstacles for the assignment.

Residentials Street Sweeping

If a driver is performing residential street sweeping, the driver must pay attention to obstacles such a cars pulling out of their driveways, children playing, and critters of all types scurrying about.

Because the driver is moving at a slow speed, other vehicle operators actually become impatient and make careless moves around the sweeper. 

Sweeper drivers need to be extra cautious because of this risky behavior.

Construction Sweeping

If the driver is performing construction sweeping, there are not as much traffic to deal with, however the driver needs to be very attentive to the type of debris that’s being picked up.  

On a construction site, large debris such as cinder block, chunks of concrete, or large pieces of scrap wood need to be avoided.

Shopping Center and Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping

If the driver is sweeping a shopping center for commercial parking lot, there are lots of curb stops and bollards to look out for.

And with all sweeping assignments, the driver needs to keep an eye on the hopper.   The storage hopper needs to be emptied regularly before it reaches capacity.

Street Sweeping – What Drivers Do After Their Assignment

When the street sweeping assignment is done, the driver doesn’t just lock up the vehicle and go home…there are some post assignment tasks that need to be complete.

The street sweeper needs to be checked for damage and/or maintenance, and any issues with the vehicle, the route, or the swept area needs to be documented and communicated to the appropriate parties

Street sweeping –  There’s More to it Than What People Think

Drivers are the eyes, the ears, and the brains behind an effective street sweeping assignment. Proper training, years of experience, and commitment to hard work is what makes a great driver (and an excellent street sweeping company!)

How Can C & L Services Help You?

C & L Services is a third generation family owned property maintenance company. We have been sweeping and servicing shopping centers, commercial properties and communities in New Jersey for over forty years.

Our services include parking lot sweeping, municipal sweeping, construction sweeping, and garage scrubbing.

We can help you keep your property in excellent condition with reliable, dependable, cost-effective services. If you’re in North Jersey, Contact us at 908-730-7884.  If you’re in Central New Jersey call us at 732-886-1940 to speak with a professional about effective street sweeping.


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