Street Sweeping for Contractors, Construction Companies, and Project Sites

The world of street sweeping can be a messy one, especially on project sites with heavy equipment moving material and kicking up dirt, dust and mud. Keeping these project sites clean is very important for the safety of the work site and also benefits the environment. Here are some important things to consider when trying to keep your project or construction site clean of debris and dirt.

Project Sites and New Developments

Debris can accumulate on any construction site; screws, nails, and other pieces of debris can quickly be scattered across the job site. To avoid injuries or damage to any heavy equipment, it is vital that the site be kept as clean as possible. Having your site routinely swept by a street sweeper is the easiest way to keep your site in good working order. When managing any kind of new development, weekend traffic to your sale or leasing office means your streets and parking lots should be maintained for the overall aesthetics of the property.

Creating a Schedule

When ground is broken and site development work begins, it is paramount to maintain a schedule for street sweeping. Some sites may need weekly or even daily sweepings to ensure dust, silt, debris, settlement, and dirt is removed. This is often based on location, regional requirements, and township regulation.

City vs. Suburbs

A new community with hundreds of homes in a suburban location will need to maintain a regular weekly street sweeping schedule. A construction project in a city area with more local foot traffic may require daily street sweepings to maintain the overall appearance and curb appeal of the neighborhood.

Construction Sweeping Checklist

  • Maintain aesthetic appearance of site
  • Keep air pollutants, like dust and silt, to a minimum
  • Prioritize safety by removing unsafe debris, like stray screws and nails
  • Keep streets clean for local traffic (cars and pedestrians)
  • Loose dirt, construction debris could be hazardous for pedestrians

Construction companies, developers, builders, and contractors should plan ahead and maintain a regular schedule of street sweeping.

C&L Services is a third generation family owned property maintenance company. We have been sweeping and servicing real estate developers, builders, and communities in New Jersey for over forty years. Our crews are ready to tackle the toughest construction and project sites with our fleet of street sweepers.

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