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Looking for a reliable street sweeping company in New Jersey? 

Named “Street Sweeper of the Year”, C&L Services has been street sweeping parking lots, streets and construction sites since 1971.  Not only are our street sweeping services eco-friendly, but our equipment and personnel is top notch. As a result, your property will retain its pristine appearance that will impress customers and help maintain the value of your property.

Throughout NJ, C&L Services also ensures we will work with you and schedule your sweeping maintenance at times that are convenient for you and your customers. We have specialized equipment including scrubbing machines for parking garages.


C&L Services Understands the Importance of Street Sweeping

The accumulation of dirt, sand and rocks is unavoidable. Vehicles also drag dirt into the parking lot by driving. To keep this to a minimum, your parking lot needs to be swept on a regular basis.

If a parking lot is left unattended, the pavement will deteriorate and a business’s liability will increase. C&L Sweeper Service will work with you to develop a sweeping schedule that meets your needs.

To schedule parking lot maintenance, contact us through the form below.

Municipal Sweeping & Street Cleaning, NJ

Parking Lot SweepingC&L Services has a proven track record of timeliness, professionally trained crews.

– We can work within your municipal or construction sweeping budget.

– We’ll assist you in determining the correct level of sweeping needed.

– We provide a complete complement of daily, weekly, monthly or on-call sweeping programs.

– Is your sweeper down? We can work with your fleet to help meet deadlines due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

– We know ‘BMP,’ ‘NPDES,’ ‘Clean Air Act,’ ‘Clean Water Act,’ and ‘PM10.” Did you know street sweeping has been defined as a ’best management practice’ by the EPA.

– Storm Water Run Off – Following best practices for water reclamation, we offer solutions such as installing storm drain catch basins and sweeping paved surfaces on a frequent basis. We understand important policies, such as ‘BMP,’ ‘NPDES,’ ‘Clean Water Act,’ and ‘PM10.” Did you know street sweeping has been defined as a ’best management practice’ by the EPA?

Check out our video about storm water runoff:

Construction Sweeping & Street Cleaning in New Jersey

If you are doing site work, a milling operation, or installing new pavement, C&L Services can partner with you to insure success.

Construction sweeping is one of the most demanding types of sweeping.


Be sure to hire the right sweeping contractor that can deliver the right sweeper, with the right operator, each and every time.

When you choose C&L Service as your construction sweeping company, you’ve chosen the best there is. Our experienced, CDL-equipped operators will be on the job as scheduled.

Licensed and Insured, our extensive fleet has on-call repair teams and backup sweepers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Community Sweeping & Street Cleaning in NJ

Keep your communities looking great! We can set up sweeping at regular intervals to help protect and maintain your properties appearance.

street sweepingWhy Us? A Sweeping Maintenance Checklist: 

More than 30 Sweepers & Related Equipment: C&L Service’s large fleet of sweepers guarantees a timely response to your sweeping needs.

Onboard GPS systems provide ‘proof positive’ when and how sweeping was done. C&L Sweeper Service outfits most of the vehicles in its fleet, including its sweepers, with real-time GPS systems.

Record for Timeliness: C&L Service is proud of our record of completing street sweeping, street cleaning and parking lot scrubbing projects in a timely manner. C&L’s 97.4%-on-time record is unmatched, and we work hard to maintain this level of service.

Radio Dispatch: All our vehicle operators maintain ongoing communication with our central office. You’re not only getting a sweeper but a team of professionals who work together to ensure that your project is done correctly.

Service Repair Team: At C&L Services, our sweepers are maintained by a professional team to keep downtime to a minimum and service quality at the maximum.

Quality Guarantee: C&L Services stands behind all our services. Your satisfaction is our most sweeping concern.

Why you should sweep cities?

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