Asphalt Maintenance – Damage in the Winter, Fixes in the Spring

Asphalt Maintenance – Bad Weather = Parking Lot Damage

asphalt maintenance winter - sweeping.comSnowstorm, rainstorm, nor’easter, bomb cyclone. Whatever the name, it’s all bad weather and it’s really bad for pavement. All this bad weather adds up to one unpleasant truth – it causes lots of parking lot damage.

The more extreme the weather, the more extensive the damage. And it does appear that climate change is generating more extreme weather.

Unfortunately, some asphalt damage needs to be corrected immediately. If a large chunk of pavement fails and creates an unsafe walking or driving condition, you need emergency asphalt maintenance service.

Fortunately, asphalt pavement is a very “fixable” condition with many different types of repair materials and a variety of repair methods. Also, the temperature is not as big a problem with asphalt repairs compared to concrete repairs.

Although not the ideal time of year, asphalt maintenance can be conducted in cold weather. Concrete repairs are much more difficult (and expensive) in cold weather.

Asphalt Maintenance – You Can Wait Until Spring

Another aspect of asphalt maintenance is that the inevitable pothole repair can wait until spring. Depending on the size, location, and traffic, many pothole repairs can be deferred until warmer weather set’s in toward the end of March or beginning in April.

The big challenge with pothole repair at that time of year is the overwhelming demand for labor and materials in the spring. Many property owners want to get asphalt repairs and maintenance completed before the weather gets hot.

People who use the pavement, especially tenants, get very angry if they encounter a pothole that has not been repaired by June.

Preparing For The Spring Crush – What to Do?

So how does a property owner prepare for the asphalt maintenance crush?

Here are a few tips to plan and prepare for your asphalt maintenance needs.

1. Select a reputable maintenance company with asphalt maintenance experience

Google the term “asphalt maintenance” or “pothole repair” in your geography, e.g. “asphalt maintenance freehold nj” or “pothole repairs jackson”

Notice if Google provides local recommendations (it will be in a box of three recommendations at the top of the page). Look for Google reviews first. Good reviews usually indicate a reputable company.

Then visit the company’s website. Have a look at the services they offer. See if they offer any free tips, information or checklists.

The more helpful information they provide, usually the more committed they are to providing good service to their customers

2. Reach out to the company and talk to a representative

Find out if they have representatives that can spend some time speaking with you about your needs.

Ask for references and question where they have provided services in your local area.

Discover if they will listen to your unique situation and if they offer helpful suggestions.

Notice if they follow-up timely. This is an important clue to whether they will follow-up with you after they have started your project.

3. Determine if they can provide the asphalt maintenance services that you need

If you have a large asphalt maintenance project, arrange for an on-site visit so the potential service provider can accurately determine the time, labor and materials for your project.

Ask for a determination of when they could provide services. If they are a know asphalt maintenance company, they may have contractual commitments for the busy time of year.

Ask them for their best estimate of when your project can be added to the “queue”.

Asphalt Maintenance – Don’t wait until the last minute.

The crush for asphalt maintenance in the spring is a real occurrence. If you plan and prepare during January and February, you won’t be waiting long to have your potholes repaired, your cracks filled and any other issues corrected.

If you wait, there might be some nastygram emails or testy calls from tenants or property owners to deal with.

Avoid this today. Let us be the first property management company you investigate.

Check us out and compare us with other asphalt maintenance companies in your local area.

If you’re in Northern NJ, call us at 908-730-7888. If you’re in Central NJ, call us at 732-886-1940.

I believe we can help you to get your asphalt maintenance when you need it.

Asphalt Repair: The Difference Between Cold Patching and Hot Mix Patching

Asphalt Repair – Two Approaches

asphalt repair - sweeping.comPotholes and cracks appearing on asphalt coated surfaces are bound to appear with time, and they are almost always caused by long, sustained damage and temperature variations. Good property maintenance demands that such a surface—be it a pavement or a parking lot—be repaired as soon as the damage appears to prevent further damage and mitigate the costs of the asphalt repair.

If you’re looking for an experienced paver, read our article, Paving: How To Find The Right Paver For Your Project.

Sometimes, depending on the severity of the damage, repair may involve simple patchwork or it may take a lot of work to restore the surface. There are different ways to do the repair, the most popular being cold patch and hot mix. Read on to discover the difference between the two.

Cold Patch Asphalt Repair and Its Application

Some people see this as a “do-it-yourself” asphalt repair technique because of its simplicity, cold patch repair is a method that involves the use of ready-made polymer-modified asphalt. The asphalt is mixed with water then poured over the pothole or crack to fill and packing it as best as possible. The mix will dry quickly and the repaired surface will typically be ready to use within three to five hours.

As you can imagine, cold patch asphalt repair is a temporary fix that is great for small repairs that have to be carried out fast but do not necessarily have to be permanent. It is a very economical approach to sealing small potholes and cracks compared to hot mix patching and does not generally have a long life expectancy. Experts recommend that an asphalt surface is cold-patched as a way to mitigate further damage until hot mix patching is available or affordable.

Hot Mix Asphalt Repair and Its Application

For hot-mix asphalt patching, a solution made up of sand, gravel, or stone and asphalt cement is heated up to over 400 degrees and transported to the repair site.  This mix is poured into the cracks and potholes on the surface and heavy rollers are used to smooth the surface. This technique of asphalt repair is not for do-it-yourselfers considering the equipment and effort required to make the mix and apply the patch the right way.

If you have a surface with deep and wide potholes or large areas of damaged pavement, hot asphalt patching is the ideal solution to restore the surface with permanent results. While this process is more expensive compared to cold patching, it leaves the repaired surface as attractive as new. Hot asphalt patching repair requires more thorough preparation, and the surface takes more time to be ready for use. The extra time is needed so the mix will harden properly and bond with the asphalt surrounding it.

The best choice for repairing damage on an asphalt surface is hot mix. Not only does it produce better and lasting results, over time it is cost-efficient and a great way to preserve the value of a property. Cold patching, on the other hand, is a good temporary fix that can be used until hot mix patching is available (or affordable).

Do you have more questions on which type of asphalt repair you need?  Call us at 732-886-1940 and we will be glad to discuss your asphalt repair needs, objectives, and budget.

Asphalt Repair: How to Know When a Quick Fix Will Do or a Replacement is Necessary

asphalt repair - sweeping.comAsphalt Repair – An Important Question

Asphalt repair can be costly – anyone who has a large pavement or parking area to maintain will be the first to admit.

Whether the repair involves patching a hole, a crack or replacing the entire surface, an asphalt repair demands that the job be done properly the first time by a contractor with experience and a track record for success.

However, the thought of replacing an entire asphalt surface creates anxiety to both property owners and businesses. When cracks appear and grass starts sprouting on old asphalt, it can be difficult to decide whether to save money by patching the bad spots or just replace the entire asphalt surface.

The factors in the decision to repair or replace an asphalt driveway are more complicated because while a quick fix may be cost effective, a permanent solution such as replacement may be better in the long run.

Here are five major considerations to help you decide what the best option for you is.

Asphalt Repair – Your Budget and How Much Do You Have to Spend?

If there are enough funds set aside (reserve fund assets) to replace the asphalt surface, then you have more options depending on the damage, condition of the asphalt surface, and what results you expect. With little to no budget, you may be forced to consider a temporary asphalt repair that could extend the life of the pavement or driveway by weeks or months.

It is important to involve an asphalt repair company in the process to determine which is the most economical option, especially if you are carrying out the repair on a tight budget.

Asphalt Repair – Size and Severity of the Damage

No matter how well you take care of your pavement, the traffic passing over it and constant freeze-thaw cycles will certainly cause damage at some point. Damage may show as narrow cracks you can live with or potholes that an asphalt repair company must repair before the pothole grows bigger.

Depending on how severe the damage on the surface is and the risk it poses to the rest of the surface, you can determine how much individual areas cost to repair and compare with the cost of an overall replacement. Typically, cracks over a quarter inch on asphalt surfaces may show signs of deeper damage that liquid crack-fillers cannot fix.

Here’s an article we wrote a few months ago related to asphalt repair that will help you determine the types of asphalt deterioration and what to do with it – 5 Clear Signs That You Should Invest In Paving Services

Asphalt Repair – Condition and Age of the Asphalt Surface

You cannot ignore the fact that asphalt will age and deteriorate over time.

Old cracked asphalt surfaces can have deep deterioration beneath the surface that could make them very difficult to repair.  Attempting to repair severely aged asphalt may be ineffective because the older asphalt may have substrate problems causing issues with cohesion of the new pavement. Potholes are bound to re-appear where the surface is patched or where the old and the new surfaces overlap.

In cases where the surface is very old and damaged, an expert would recommend an overhaul of the pavement. However, newer pavements with little signs of cracking and flaws can be patched creating a more permanent solution.

Asphalt Repair – Traffic on the Damaged Surface

A professional asphalt repair company would use a patching material to repair damage on an asphalt surface to fix against further damage. When water intrusion starts to create new cracks and deterioration between the old material and the new one, this could be a sign that replacement is necessary.

The damage on a repaired surface is often made worse by heavier traffic exerting constant pressure on the patchwork. This means busy surfaces may require urgent or more frequent repairs to prevent further damage to pavement or vehicles traveling on the pavement.

If you are looking to repair parking lot spaces, a patch may be fine for an extended period if the repair is done effectively. However, a thoroughfare in the parking lot or the entry/exit point may demand a replacement evaluation.

Asphalt Repair – The Fix – Repair Dilemma

Many property owners are concerned with the idea of replacing a parking lot and are quick to choose a quick fix rather than deal with the root of the problem. The decision to apply a quick fix or find a lasting solution to asphalt surface damage is often dependent on how quickly the surface needs to be replaced.

The most cost-effective solution may depend on how extensive the damage is but your budget and personal preferences will determine what the best option is.

Would you like help with the decision?  Give us a call at 732-886-1940.  We are a professional asphalt repair and replacement company. We can help you by viewing your pavement, offering suggestions and taking the right approach for your asphalt repair.

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