Breakfast at C&L Services – Our Way to Say Thank You!

C&L Services – Appreciating Our Colleagues

C&L Services bacon and eggs - sweeping.comAt C&L Services, we believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, too many people have nothing more than a coffee or a doughnut in the morning.

So showing our co-workers how much we appreciate them by offering them breakfast at the office has become a semi-annual tradition at C&L Services.

Having a chance for all of us to sit down for a meal together gives everyone a time to relax and socialize before starting or ending the workday.

“Such bonding experiences improve employee morale, which makes our staff more engaged and productive,” says Gabe Vitale Jr., Sales Manager of C&L Services. “Team building reinforces the C&L way and brings us all together.”

C&L Services – Crossing Paths In The Morning

The 5:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. time slot was selected because all 6 divisions cross paths at the corporate offices which made the timing perfect for a breakfast.

Over 55 employees stopped by the makeshift kitchen setup outside the mechanics garage, stayed on the clock and were served a delicious breakfast including pancakes stacked high, fresh eggs, sausage, bagels, coffee, hash browns, crispy bacon, juices and some casual music to elevate the celebration.

C&L Services – Happy Employees Mean Happy Clients

Stepping out of the daily activity and mixing things up with a breakfast which shows our appreciation is one of the steps to keeping happy employees and helps us retain happy clients.

“Our goal of customer satisfaction begins with us and taking care of the employees who, in return, take care of our customers”, Gabe Vitale Jr. continued “The event was a smashing success!”.

C&L Services – Sweeper of the Year

C&L Services is a family owned and operated business in Jackson, NJ that is three generations strong and growing!

Specializing in street sweeping, property maintenance, asphalt repair, power washing for over 40 years. C&L has been recognized and awarded “Sweeper of the Year Award!” Read the full story here!

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