HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – How to Get Your HOA On a Schedule

HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – Some Kids Never Learn

HOA parking lot sweeping - sweeping.comIf you’ve ever had kids, you’ll know that it’s hard to get them to stick to a schedule.  Most kids learn, some never do.

Getting people to cooperate is a lot like getting kids to cooperate,  you’ve got to employ the right consequences.

HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – The Right Consequences

There is a powerful consequence you need to use when you start an HOA parking lot sweeping program.

It’s called negative reinforcement.   This is the most common consequence that most people are familiar with.   You can sum it up in this simple sentence,  “do this or else”.

It sound somewhat heavy handed, but it doesn’t have to be.  However, it’s the primary consequence you need to employ when setting up a HOA Parking Lot Sweeping program.

HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – Examples of negative reinforcement

There are many examples of negative reinforcement.    

Most people don’t want to get a speeding ticket, so they drive under the speed limit.   Most people don’t want to get fired from their job, so they show up for work on time and do their work effectively.

Negative reinforcement does not have to be heavy-handed,  it just has to be communicated properly.

HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – It starts with communication

When it comes to an HOA parking lot sweeping program communication is key.

Ensuring that the residents know well in advance about a regular parking lot sweeping program goes a long way towards minimizing conflicts.

Approximately two months before the start of the program a  separate letter should be sent to each homeowner informing them that an HOA parking lot sweeping program is going to be scheduled.  Include the specifics regarding the dates, the times, the requirements, and most importantly, the consequences if requirements are not met.

The key to communication is both repetition and variety.  Communicate consistently and in a variety of ways.  And document these communications for the resident who will claim that nobody told them.

HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – Continuous Followup

The letter should be followed up a week later with a printed flyer that is hand delivered to each residence because not every residence receives notices from the management company.   Some residences are rented so they may not get notified by their Landlord.

Several weeks before the parking lot sweeping program begins, small signs (about 11 x 17  tablet size) should be staked around the community where every resident can visibly see them.

A few days before the program begins, conduct a mass phone notification campaign (these phone services are now readily available to all homeowners associations).

HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – Resident Requirements

Generally, the main requirement is to ask the resident to move their car out of the parking lot that’s being swept on the sweeping date.

Invariably there will be residents who will forget, or ignore the requirements.   If the sweeper has to sweep around a particular vehicle, the sweeper should take that picture of the  license plate and send the picture to the HOA.

If the HOA can identify the car as owned by resident, they can send a letter asking the resident to adhere to the requirements and move their car on the next sweeping date. They can also respectfully remind them of consequences for future non-compliance.

Moving forward, consequences must be initiated on non-compliant residents.   No exceptions.

HOA Parking Lot Sweeping – The Consequence of No Consequences

Although it’s  tempting to let one or two violations slide, it’s important to remember that without consequences people will not change their behavior. 

Also, if you are going to apply consequences to one person, it’s only fair (and legal) to apply the same consequences to all.

Although it does seem like a lot of work to communicate, followup, and enforce requirements, the outcome will be that most people will cooperate. Those that don’t won’t have a leg to stand on when they suffer the consequences.

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