Municipal Asphalt Repairs – Complex Issues with Community Pavement

Municipal Asphalt Repairs – Basic Issues vs. Complex Projects

municipal asphalt repairs -
Do you have the right equipment to do this type of repair?

Municipal asphalt repairs may present complex projects for local boroughs and Townships.  Although most municipalities have basic pavement maintenance equipment and personnel, many townships do not have the expertise, materials and tools to correct complex asphalt repairs.

Here are common questions we address about issues with municipal asphalt repairs and potential solutions.

1. Why Are Asphalt Repairs So Important?

A municipality may not have the staff might needed to keep up with asphalt repairs.  Most townships and boroughs have personnel that provide basic maintenance services such as pothole repairs, street cleaning and unclogging storm drains.

Unfortunately, when it comes to larger repairs to address more serious damage such as loss of pavement and substrata due to erosion, damaged pavement to due car or truck fire and major sinkhole or inlet collapse, municipalities need more resources to resolve these issues.

2. How Many Asphalt Repairs Are Needed?

Roads are exposed to harsh climate changes and require consistent maintenance. Rarely does a municipality have a crew available to respond immediately respond to an emergency situation.

A professional pavement maintenance company can provide help when additional staff or machinery is needed. Having a partners ready to respond can provide not only the safety required for the community, but also the peace of mind knowing that resources are available when the unexpected occurs.

3. Is the Equipment for Asphalt Repairs Available and Up to Date?

municipal inlet repair -
A professional inlet repair…done right and looking good.

It is possible that a municipality does not have pavement maintenance equipment.  Many municipalities work on very tight budgets and respond to pavement issues with a JIT (just in time) response.

The equipment needed for even the most basic pavement maintenance is very expensive, and most municipalities are not in a position to buy that equipment for a JIT asphalt repair project.

Also JIT labor may not have sufficient knowledge to address the root causes of a pavement issue.  In these cases asphalt repairs could be unsatisfactory and temporary, leading to additional costs for re-work.

Having professional partners with the right expertise and skills provide the quality of the work that is clean and professional.

4. Progress Reports

There is a quality saying that goes, “you can’t control what you don’t measure”.  For more complex municipal asphalt repair project progress reports are essential for keeping track of the project tasks.

Having a professional partner who is not only skilled in asphalt repairs but project management as well provides the necessary monitoring, measurement and communication required for successful asphalt repairs. From project planning, equipment & personnel management, safety and and cleanup. consistent progress reports lead to faster completions and satisfactory results.

5. Municipal Asphalt Repairs – The Right Conclusion

Many municipalities find that they can maintain their their roads more effectively with our help. C & L Services have the resources for a variety of complex asphalt repairs.

Most issues are addressed with municipal resources.  For the asphalt repair projects that require more resources, expertise (and perhaps urgency), C & L Service can solve most issues that municipalities face.

Municipal Asphalt Repairs – Finding a Trusted Partner

municipal sweeping -
Municipal sweeping, pavement maintenance and asphalt repairs

Are you a smaller municipality? Do you need a trusted partner to help with potential asphalt repairs?

C & L Services is a third generation family owned property maintenance company. We have been providing property maintenance services to real estate developers, commercial property owners and communities in New Jersey for over forty years.

Our services include community sweepingpavement maintenanceseal coating, and line striping.

We can give your property the attention needs and keep your residents happy.

If you’re in North Jersey, Contact us at 908-730-7884.  If you’re in Central New Jersey call us at 732-886-1940 to arrange for municipal asphalt repairs.

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