Shopping Center Maintenance: How to Keep Your Parking Lot Clean in Just 3 Easy Steps…

Shopping Center Maintenance – 3 Steps to Clean

shopping center maintenance - sweeping.comIf you’ve ever wanted to make a great first impression with your customers or tenants, then you’re reading the right article.  That’s because you’re about to discover my easy 3-step method for keeping your parking lot clean.

And the good news is that this method works even if you have a small budget and a large parking lot. The only thing you’ll need to spend is a little time and attention. The end result is a cleaner parking lot (or overall property) with fewer and less costly maintenance issues

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Shopping Center Maintenance – Time and Attention

Step 1: Schedule a brief inspection once a week

Many property owners don’t even realize how quickly time passes and how quickly a shopping center maintenance issue can occur. A neglected maintenance issue creates both a bad impression and tenant resentment.

Property owners have every intention of keeping their properties in good shape and want to provide good shopping center maintenance.  However, the day-to-day urgency of business, people, and paperwork management pull their attention away from basic maintenance. Maintenance issues then pile up and get attention only when tenants get upset with the appearance of the property. Tenants are not shy about providing negative feedback.

So, the first thing you need to do is actually “time block” inspections every week.

You’ll can make this a habit if you apply these tips and tricks:

  • Use an electronic calendar like Google Calendar or Outlook calendar
  • Schedule the inspection for the least busy time of the week
  • Set up an automated reminder to notify you the day before (or two days if you prefer) that the inspection is coming up
  • Add an automated notification to your onsite property manager or maintenance vendor. This reminds them that you inspect regularly and may have maintenance that needs to be completed.

Step 2 – Set up an email template on your phone to capture maintenance items. Set the subject line: weekly parking lot maintenance – [inspection date]

Most people live in their email inboxes today. Email inboxes not only provide email notifications but also serve as task reminders.

When you see a shopping center maintenance item, add it to the email template. When you’ve finished your inspection, be sure to add all the maintenance items to the email.

When you’ve completed this step, then you can move on to the last step…

Step 3: Email the maintenance items to yourself and any other party who may have some maintenance responsibilities relating to your parking lot

You may not have the time to immediately provide corrective action, however, you will have noticed what needs maintenance and captured those items so you won’t forget them. These items are now on your “radar” for you to complete or delegate at the first opportunity.  You also have a dated record of maintenance issues that you can search by date any time you need it.

The last thing you need to do is get items that need correction or maintenance to the party most responsible for completion.

Shopping Center Maintenance – A Little Diligence, Big Benefits

You see most maintenance items are simple to correct and can be maintained at a lower cost when consistent attention is placed on keeping the parking lot (and any other part of the property) clean and presentable. I’d have to say that most good shopping center maintenance is not due to money, it’s due to diligent attention.

Let us help you keep your parking lot clean. We offer shopping center maintenance services, diligent follow-up and consistent attention (we’re very attentive. Give us a call at Northern NJ, 908-730-7888 or Central NJ, 732-886-1940 and we’ll help make your shopping center maintenance as easy as 1-2-3).

Shopping Center Parking Lot Sweeping – Why It’s Vital to Creating a Great First Impression

Parking Lot Sweeping – There’s More Psychology Than You Think

parking lot sweeping impressions - sweeping.comIt’s all science!

Psychology experts say that many people, if not all, will judge a new environment within the first seven seconds of interaction and their opinion will most likely never change.

Shoppers believe they deserve nothing but the best and form an impression about a business or property they visit the moment they enter the parking lot.

Since shopping centers are still the main source of goods and personal services even in this age of online shopping and home delivery, businesses must do all they can to create a positive first impression for shoppers (and maintain this impression consistently!).

Parking Lot Sweeping – You Don’t Get a Second Chance to Make a Positive First Impression

Thorough shopping center parking lot sweeping is the most effective way to create a positive lasting first impression on shoppers and the public. People like to meet up and do their shopping in a clean and safe environment, even if their personal environment is not as neat.

Considering the ever-increasing competition for ground space between foot traffic and vehicles, most property owners and managers are tempted to neglect the appearance of their parking lots. They do this with the mistaken belief that it does people don’t pay attention to the parking lot.  This is not true…people judge everything within their environment and the parking lot is the first thing they see.

Proper cleaning means thorough and regular parking lot sweeping. Creating a reassuring environment does not need to including laying the most expensive tiles or setting up catchy artwork; regular cleaning of the parking lot will reassure visitors (and tenants) that the services offered inside the shopping center are just as excellent.

Parking Lot Sweeping – Creating Safety

There is something else. Many people visit shopping centers to get away from their everyday routines to get personal service or meet friends.

Although this means more maintenance for parking lots and frequent scheduled portering and pressure washing, it can be worth it if means more visitors feel safe, relaxed and comfortable in their environment.

Take a look at all the trash that can collect in a shopping center parking lot.  Here is an article we posted about the variety of trash, debris and litter we lick up, “Street sweeping – One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure”.

Parking Lot Sweeping – Prioritize parking lot sweeping and maintenance

It is not uncommon for businesses and property owners to invest a lot in remodeling their buildings, helping their buildings to stand out. A visitor can always tell an expensive property where everything inside is very likely to be more expensive, from a valued property that is well taken care of both inside and out.

If you are in charge of ensuring the cleanliness of a shopping center parking lot, it sends a conflicting message if there is a poorly maintained parking that welcome customers to a property.

The best courtesy you can pay the tenants of the shopping center is to ensure a regular shopping center parking lot sweeping, cleaning and maintenance. This sends a positive message about the commitment that the owner has in his property.

Parking Lot Sweeping – Dealing With The Challenges

Both stiff competition and technology have made doing business more challenging because convincing picky customers takes more than advertising and applying a coat of paint every year.

One of the things that really work to create a positive impression to maintain a clean and well-maintained parking lot.

Are you looking to make a good (or better) first impression with your parking lot?  Give us a call at 732-886-1940.  We’ll be glad to discuss how you can improve the overall impression of your parking lot through regular parking lot sweeping.


Parking Lot Seal Coating – If You Read One Article About Parking Lot Seal Coating, Read This One

parking lot seal coating - sweeping.comParking Lot Seal Coating – Making A Good First Impression

As a property owner you understand the need for keeping your property looking presentable, including your parking lot.

The parking lot is one of the most visual elements of the property, in some cases representing two to five times the area of the structures on the property. If this area is worn, gray and filled with cracks, it makes a poor first impression.

Certainly, taking care of the parking lot is not always easy, however parking lot seal coating can be a worthwhile investment, improving both the visual appeal and preserving the life of the parking lot.

Chemicals, sun, and general use can speed up the aging of asphalt surfaces. This is why parking lot seal coating is an important step to protecting your investment in an asphalt parking lot.

Parking Lot Seal Coating – Bringing Back The “New”

Parking lot seal coating improves the look and curb appeal of asphalt parking lot. Unfortunately, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, so a professional seal coating improves curb appeal and perception of value.

Asphalt is mostly made up of a variety of materials (sand, gravel, ground rubber and sometimes crushed glass) which held together by a sticky, glue like substance called bitumen.

Bitumen is a naturally occurring by product of petroleum distillation and gives asphalt pavement its black appearance. Bitumen does deteriorate over time and loses that “new” dark appearance by turning grey. A rich finish of sealcoat brings back the “new” appearance and accentuates the overall look of the parking lot.

Parking Lot Seal Coating – Protection As Well As Looks

Parking lot seal coating also protects the asphalt from deterioration due to sunlight UV rays, chemicals and water penetration.

When harmful elements like snow, sun and rain come in contact with your parking lot, the pavement begins to fade, deteriorate and become brittle. This in turn causes the pavement to be overly brittle in cold weather or too soft in warm weather.

Unavoidable contaminants such as brake or transmission fluids, grease and motor oil drip onto the asphalt, causing weak spots and stains. To minimize this type of damage to your asphalt parking lot, think about scheduling a parking lot seal coating into your parking lot maintenance program.

Parking Lot Seal Coating – Extending The Life of Your Investment

Parking lot seal coating extends the average life of pavement by 50 to 100%, potentially doubling the life and reducing the need for costly repair. A regular seal coating can actually double the life of the asphalt pavement.

Proper installation of the parking lot pavement requires these basic standards:

  • subgrade is compacted and sound
  • appropriate base material is compacted and placed correctly
  • appropriate thickness of hot material is compacted and placed correctly

Assuming the asphalt pavement was designed and installed properly, seal coating will certainly extend the parking lot pavement life by safeguarding the asphalt binder from oxidation and slowing the unavoidable deterioration.

Parking Lot Seal Coating – Protection from Water Intrusion

Water intrusion is considered to be one of the main reasons for asphalt failure (especially in “freeze/thaw” regions) Since asphalt is porous, water can penetrate through cracks and because of the freeze/thaw cycle, enlarge cracks leading to asphalt failure. Seal coat has water repelling agents that minimize this type of damage.

All in all, regular seal coating is indispensable to extending your parking lot life, preventing premature failure, and making your parking lot look more attractive and appealing.

Need to breath some “life” into your parking lot?  Time to spruce up the look of your parking lot?  Call C & L General Services at 732-886-1940 and let us discuss your parking lot seal coating needs.

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