Property Maintenance: Prevention is Better Than Cure

Property Maintenance – Truisms That Work

property maintenance - sweeping.comThe reason we have to see the dentist every so often, even when our teeth are just fine, is to prevent painful problems with our teeth. Any dentist, or physician for that matter, advise patients to go for regular checkups.

They know that waiting to treat health problems until they arise can cause the patient pain and huge treatment costs. This truism that works well with our physical health is just as true when it comes to property maintenance.

If you care about the value of your property, you should give it the same treatment you give your personal health – regular inspections and immediate repair of trouble areas as soon as signs of wear or damage show. The sooner a maintenance issue is tackled, the easier and cheaper it is to prevent further costly repair.

Property Maintenance – The Benefits of Early Detection and Prevention

Scheduling regular inspection of your property is the ideal way to identify the repair or maintenance required before small problems become big issues that cost a lot more to fix. Small problems such as cracks and minor damage can deteriorate very quickly unless they are discovered and fixed timely.

When a property maintenance contractor inspects a property, he or she will be better informed regarding any preventive maintenance steps required to improve the safety or the value of the property. Recurring problems that may have been fixed in the past should also be inspected to determine whether solutions applied were effective or not.

According to the American Society for Quality (ASQ), it costs as much as four to five times to fix an issue on a property compared to preventing the said problem through a routine, consistent maintenance program. This cost goes beyond monetary value if you also consider the inconvenience that tenants have to put up with as the time-consuming repairs are conducted.

Property Maintenance – Principles of Problem Prevention

There are few and straightforward principles of preventing problems on a property and general property maintenance.

The most important principle is that owners must schedule routine, consistent, and frequent inspections of the property. These inspections must be followed up with immediate and appropriate interventions that resolve any issues discovered during the inspection. The problems that could cause the costliest repairs should have the most attention and be fixed first.

A seasonal inspection and maintenance checklist could be valuable to address climate-related problems, where and how they affect the property integrity, and the remedies or repairs to resolve them. Keeping track of these maintenance details will help the owner keep track of repairs and generate data that can be used to develop a reserve fund for future repairs and replacement.

Property Maintenance – Keeping Track and Following Up

Finally, if you are a property owner or manager, consider implementing a system of communication (enlist tenants and show them how to contact you) and use an automated ticketing system to help keep track of repairs, flag priority items, and follow-up after repairs. Such an automated system can prove useful in extending the life of your property by providing actionable data and keeping issues from “falling through the cracks”.

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Property Maintenance – Trash pickup or Portering? Different labels for the same service

Property Maintenance – Picking Up The Trash Everyday

property maintenance portering - sweeping.comIf you have a job as a property manager or a property maintenance role, the chances are that trash collection and garbage removal is one of the most challenging tasks you have to deal with every day.

Tenants often take this chore for granted, but a manager cannot afford to lose face because of litter, and worse, the problems that uncollected trash can cause in the property.

Call it trash collection, portering, manual sweeping, or litter disposal; this is a necessary service to maintain an amenable and visually appealing environment.

Therefore, whether you manage a single business property or are in charge of  property maintenance for a network of complexes, it is imperative that you find reliable and effective trash collection company that handles property maintenance to ensure that it is sanitary, healthy and tidy.

Professional litter patrol, or hand-picking if you may, is a necessary service that goes beyond keeping a property clean and tidy.

Property Maintenance – Why choose a professional to handle trash pick up?

As a capable property manager, you understand that no one does a better job of trash collection and garbage disposal than a professional with intimate knowledge of how different types of trash should be disposed of.

Many managers think that hiring street sweepers and laborers is a simple solution to the complex problems presented by trash. The truth is, while these individuals can do a good job of keeping flat surfaces clean, they rarely ever reach into every nook and cranny of the property.

As a part of property maintenance, specialized trash collection includes proper handling of waste which prevents potentially dangerous situations that a property manager may be held liable for.

For instance, there are special ways to collect and dispose of dangerous items such as loose nails, broken glass, and chemical-based batteries that a professional knows best. The crew of such a company is typically well versed in handling any kind of trash and as such, are all-rounded in any service to rid your property of junk produced by all kinds of tenants and even construction or repairs personnel.

It is also worth pointing out that responsible property maintenance involves proper recycling of discarded materials.

Property Maintenance – Disposing Trash The Right Way

Professional portering and litter collection is the surest way to ensure that recyclable waste ends up in the right places. This is largely because the company handling the waste knows where best to take the waste materials for recycling and the waste materials expressly know how to sort them from the point of collection.

It boils down to responsibility and efficiency

Hiring a property maintenance company that specializes in trash pickup is a sure way to deal with the litter problem once and for all. A professional company that values its customers knows that every pick up session must leave the property in a spick-and-span condition.

A professional, unlike just anyone else picking trash, also knows the potential hiding’ areas of litter and will inspect around the perimeter of the property, water inlets, basins, grass lawns, and curbs for the smallest trash particles that can cause huge problems in the future.

Property Maintenance – Choosing the Right Portering, Trash Pick-up, Patrolling, etc. Company

Most property managers prefer to schedule trash pick ups and cleaning services with consistent and dependable companies because they often deliver with minimal effort. If you are considering professional property maintenance services, you know what to look for.

Trash collection, portering, manual sweeping, trash pickup, litter patrol, “patrolling”, hand picking, or laboring, no matter what you call it, it is the same service.

Looking for reliable, efficient, responsive property maintenance?  Give us a call at 732-886-1940.  We’ll be glad to look at your property, give you a reasonable quote and ensure you’re satisfied with our property maintenance services.

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