School District Street Sweeping: When The Children Are Away, The Street Sweepers Will Play

Street Sweeping In School Districts – The Mess Has Been Building Up All Year

street sweeping school districts - sweeping.comThe start of the school holidays is usually accompanied by an increase of debris in school districts. This is because when most schools close, the end of year events leave behind a mess. The school commons areas, parking lots, and driveways are strewn with litter from the end of year festivities and students’ departure.

Since school staff also get a break during the holidays, the debris usually is forgotten. This creates an unpleasant sight especially for the communities located near the schools, colleges, or universities.

Aside from being unsightly, this mess can actually create a potential public health hazard. This especially true in instances where food and drink have been discarded on the parking lots or driveways. When left uncleaned, the food items can begin rotting and harboring germs, pests, and vermin.

Basically, it is in everyone’s best interest to clean up the school district soon after students get holidays. This is where professional street sweepers come in handy.

Street Sweeping In School Districts – The Pros Have It Covered

A professional street sweeping company can clear up all the trash, debris, and litter from compounds, parking lots, and driveways. This leaves the school grounds looking neat, clean, and organized. More importantly, it saves the public from any potential hazards.

The only challenge is finding a street sweeping company up to the task. Given the size of a typical school campus, cleaning it up is often a large project. When it gets to colleges and universities, the task is usually even bigger.

The ideal street sweeping company should have the capacity to handle the task of cleaning up schools, colleges or universities. This means that they have the equipment, personnel, and expertise required to undertake the cleaning task.

Beyond scale, the company should have the staff with the skill required to conduct cleaning in an efficient manner. Street sweeping may seem a mundane undertaking. However, it is both an art and a science.

Here an article that describes how to choose the right street sweeping company.

Street Sweeping In School Districts – The Devil Is In The Details

A great street sweeper has to understand the nuances of street sweeping. For instance, the techniques used for cleaning concrete surfaces is different from those for cleaning asphalt surfaces. Given that parking lots, driveways and compounds typically have different surfaces, the perfect company should have staff who are flexible.

These cleaners should be professionals who understand the techniques required for cleaning different surfaces of all kinds of dirt. These professionals should be equipped with everything needed to clear up all the areas around the school, college, or university.

Street Sweeping In School Districts – Passion and Commitment

Above all, the cleaners should be passionate about their craft. They should have a commitment to providing top-quality services with each street sweeping engagement. With these attributes, cleaning the school district will be more than just work. The street sweepers will play. And when all is said and done, the school district will be clean, neat and hygienic.

The company which can deliver all these attributes is C & L Services. Equipped with a large fleet of cleaners, the company can take on more than one school campus at a time. The company has a team of professionals who are highly skilled, vastly experienced and certified. Best of all, the company uses eco-friendly detergents and techniques when cleaning.

For anyone looking to clean up their school district this June, C & L Services can provide the cleaning service. Call them at 732-886-1940 and they will design a cleaning schedule in line with your needs. Start your new school year with a professional, stress-free street sweeping.

Municipal Street Sweeping: Why Townships Rely Upon A Professional Street Sweeping Company for Their Yearly Springtime Clean-Ups

Municipal Street Sweeping – A Clean Town is a Happy Town

municipal street sweeping - sweeping.comTown councils, municipal administrators, and township staff all want happy residents. At no time is this more noticeable than at the beginning of spring. One quick way of guaranteeing this is by street sweeping to keep the neighborhood clean and safe.

The return of spring usually reveals the dirt, debris, and salt which has accumulated on town roads during the winter months. This usually leaves streets, sidewalks, and parking lots looking dirty and unattractive. To residents, an unattractive town is a source of irritation.

However, the concerns of residents are not the only things town authorities have to worry about. There are also environmental laws that require compliance on a regular basis. Cleaning up the streets is part of regulatory compliance.

This is precisely why towns and municipals schedule street sweeping as part of their yearly springtime clean-ups. The big challenge that authorities face is finding an experienced company to provide professional street sweeping services.

Municipal Street Sweeping – Keeping Costs Down Makes a Happy Town

As with all customers, municipals need a company which can provide professional street sweeping services at an affordable cost. This company needs to have the equipment, personnel, and resources for providing top-notch sweeping services. Above all, it should have the experience and capability of providing their services on the scale required by municipal authorities.

One company which has all these qualities is C & L Services. Renowned for providing superior cleaning services, C & L is the perfect provider of street sweeping for municipalities in New Jersey.

For starters, C & L is conveniently located in Central New Jersey. This provides quick access to most of New Jersey’s major highways. C & L Services can easily access most areas of the state and respond to municipalities within a short time. Basically, C & L can deploy to the communities that need street sweeping services without the slightest delay.

Municipal Street Sweeping – Avoiding Inconvenience Makes a Happy Town

C & L Services also has a new fleet of street sweepers. This means that we can deploy to multiple locations simultaneously. This makes life easy for municipalities which want to restore numerous neighborhoods at the same time. We can deploy our crews to different locations, and coordinate the efforts to clean up those neighborhoods.

C & L has a host of equipment for cleaning various kinds of surfaces to varying degrees. We can asphalt, concrete, porous, gravel, and many others. This means that we can easily clean up street surfaces, sidewalks, parking lots, municipal routes, and expressways. Beyond just sweeping surfaces, we can clean up and unclog nearby drainage channels.

Finally, C & L Services has the expertise and personnel to provide the best cleaning services possible. All our cleaners are highly trained professionals who are passionate about their work. We delight in delivering quality results and restoring a sense of hygiene and pride to neighborhoods and communities.

Municipal Street Sweeping – C & L Services Helps Create Happy Towns

If you are a town council member who is dedicated to restoring cleanliness to your neighborhoods during the springtime clean-up, C & L Services can get the job done. We can offer you the professional street cleaning services which you deserve at costs you can afford.

The best part about C & L Services is our services are environmentally friendly. Our street sweeping is carried out with eco-friendly equipment, techniques, and detergents. Therefore, we can help you to comply with environmental laws in a way that will satisfy the law and the town residents.

To find out more about C & L municipal street cleaning services, give us a call at 732-886-1940.  We’ll be glad discuss your needs and demonstrate our expertise in with municipal street sweeping.

Street Sweeping – The Streets Are Cleaned Like Magic

Street Sweeping – Technology or Magic?

Arthur Clarke, the famous science fiction author is known for the quote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.street sweeping trash -

Of course, most people don’t equate street sweeping with magic…but people do go to sleep at night with dirty, debris-laden streets, and the next morning…voila! the debris and trash is gone from the streets!  Like magic!

I’m not sure anyone really notices (except when the streets are particularly unsightly), but it does sometimes seem like magic to get something as large as a street (or a town or a city) from messy to clean.  And swept clean in a very short period of time.

Street Sweeping – A Village or  A Fleet?

Did you know it takes a village AND a fleet to keep a village clean?  Not only is a village needed to be cleaned, but the people (villagers?) who live in them consider street sweeping to be important enough to carry out regularly.  And then it takes a fleet to keep that village clean.

At C & L Services we’ve been building our fleet (over three generations) and regularly keep many villages, towns, communities, parking lots, stadiums, hospitals, etc clean with street sweeping.

Here’s a recent shot of our fleet yard in Jackson, NJ.

street sweeping fleet

Our fleet has grown to over 30 different vehicles.  Street sweepers for street sweeping.   Pickup trucks for property maintenance portering.  Box trucks for large property maintenance projects, power washing, pavement maintenance, line striping.

We’ve even maintain a full-time staff of mechanics to keep these trucks and vehicles in tip-top shape.

We’re in our 46th year and still growing.

Street Sweeping – It’s All In The Familystreet sweeping charlie vitale -

Our business started in 1971 with Charlie Vitale who had purchased a second-hand sweeper from his brother in law.

Charlie’s brother in law owned a junkyard and there was a second-hand sweeper in good running order and it was priced right.

That’s Charlie driving one of the many street sweepers that were added to the fleet.

Gabe Vitale, Charlie’s son, joined the business shortly after.  Gabe’s son Gabe Vitale Jr. and daughter Lauren Vitale also joined in 2010.  Three Generations!

Street Sweeping – Expanding into Northern NJ

With demand for professional street sweeping, C & L Services has expanded into Northern NJ.  In June of 2017, C & L Services acquired Apgar Power Sweeping, a well respected Street Sweeping company in Northern NJ.

Gabe Vitale, Jr., VP of Operations for C & L Services in Jackson stated, “We have been serving all regions of NJ since my Father and Grandfather established the business, however, we want to be able to respond more quickly to our clients in the North Jersey region.

Prior to our acquisition of Apgar, we were sending our crews and materials from central NJ, sometimes taking as much as two hours to respond.  With our new location in Hampton, NJ we can now respond within a half hour or less to client requests.”

Street Sweeping – The Future Holds Promise.

C&L Services is celebrating over 45 years of great customer relationships. C&L has become the industry leader in outstanding award-winning service and customer satisfaction for property maintenance, street sweeping and pavement maintenance services.

If your looking for a well respected, professional family business to provide street sweeping or a variety of property management services, call us in central NJ at 732-886-1940 or Northern NJ at 908-730-7888.  You can grow with us…or we’ll just provide our magic with street sweeping!


Parking Lot Sweeping – The Difference That Makes A Difference in Excellence

Parking Lot Sweeping – Creating A Good First Impression

parking lot sweeping - sweeping.comHaving an immaculately swept parking lot is a smart investment for a number of reasons. For starters, the parking lot creates the first impression that visitors have. Generally, if you want to create a good first impression your clients, prospective tenants or other visitors, having a clean parking lot is the first step towards this.

A well-swept parking lot also protects you liability which may arise from parking lot accidents such as trips and falls.

Finally, regularly parking lot sweeping keeps the lot in pristine condition, reducing wear and tear – and the associated costs of repairs.

It is in your best interest to ensure that your parking lot pristine, clean and well-swept.

And if you want the best impressions you can get, you need the services of the best parking lot sweeping company you can find.

Parking Lot Sweeping – Sweepers are not all the same

Most people mistakenly assume that all sweeping companies are the same. As such, when in need of sweeping services, they reach out to the nearest company they can find.

The end result could be substandard work (or worse, no-shows) which ends up wasting not just their time, but also resources.

To avoid this situation, it is essential to understand what the difference between mediocre and excellent sweeping companies.

The simple fact is that not all street sweeping companies maintain certain standards and the best companies are committed to key principles. The most prominent of these principles are:

Parking Lot Sweeping Excellence Principle 1 – Keep equipment up to date and in top working condition.

The first rule of providing excellent cleaning services is having the right equipment. The best companies know this. They invest in the latest equipment which is available on the market. Beyond just having the latest equipment, they ensure that is in top shape. This means that they constantly service them to ensure that they are working at their best.

Typically, these companies maintain their equipment by having staff mechanics who can service them, as well as onsite garage space for providing safe storage. To top this up, the companies typically maintain an ongoing relationship with specialized parts vendors to ensure that any replacements are easily found. This ensures that their fleet is constantly on the road.

Parking Lot Sweeping Excellence Principle 2 – Skilled Workforce

Another rule of providing excellence is having full-time, well-trained and dedicated staff to provide parking lot sweeping services. When contracting parking lot sweepers, you want their staff to be pro-active, look for problems and communicate regularly with both clients and management. This not only ensures excellent customer service, it also prevents problems from escalating.

Such staff needs to undergo regular training, drug testing, and supervision. This ensures that the staff skills are maintained at their peak, it also “nips problems in their bud” before they have a negative effect on clients or properties. The best companies also maintain constant communication between executives and clients to ensure that the latter enjoy an excellent customer service experience.

Parking Lot Sweeping Excellence Principle 3 – Efficient Operations

The best sweeping companies also maintain efficient operations. Examples include using updated GPS systems, operating a radio dispatch and having 2 supervisors on night call while the rest of the world is sleeping. This provides prompt response to customer queries or needs.

Top parking lot sweeping companies also provide regular quality assurance and collect ongoing feedback from staff to keep the company aware and responsive to both customer and staff needs. The end result is that the overall quality of their services is constantly improving.

Ultimately, only the best street sweeping company can provide you with excellent parking lot sweeping services. Therefore, if you are looking to contract a company to provide you with the right sweeping services for your parking lot, then make sure that you contract a company which has the above qualities.

One company which fulfills the above criteria is C & L. Basically, if you need to make a great impression for your property, simply call C &L, and you will enjoy the best parking lot sweeping.




Street Sweeping During Winter: The Importance of Removing Salt

street sweeping salt removal - sweeping.comStreet Sweeping as a Safety Strategy

Over 70 percent of Americans have to deal with the nasty cold weather that comes with winter.

Although the snow and ice may look beautiful in pictures during the warmer months of the year, they present the most difficult conditions to travel in and require a great deal of manpower and materials to manage.

One of the most common materials used for snow and ice management is salt (also known as sodium chloride).  22 million tons of sodium chloride or road salt is dumped on paved surfaces to manage the ice by lowering its melting point.

However, using salt on roads, sidewalks, and other surfaces has its downsides.

Why Street Sweeping is crucial for salt removal

Using salt for snow and ice management during winter ultimately damages roads and other surfaces that get contaminated by salt.

Salt is one of the most basic naturally occurring chemicals that life needs to thrive.  While it is the cheapest and most practical way for us to manage winter ice, ice has one a serious effect on surfaces.
Because it is caustic, it can cause the breakdown of other materials in nature, including substances that we use to pave road surfaces, parking lot stripping and even interior floors.

Removing salt with street sweeping helps minimize the caustic effects of road salt.

Can Salt Contribute to the formation of Potholes?

Salt can speed up the appearance of potholes and makes existing deterioration on roads worse in certain situations. The salt itself used do not cause potholes, however it can contribute to the decreased life of the road.

It does this by exaggerating the freeze-thaw cycles at lower temperatures because of its property to keep water in liquid form even at very low temperatures.

Salt is a compound made up of two chemicals — sodium and chlorine. Sodium is a very corrosive element that will damage a wide range of substances that we use in interior and exterior surfaces, especially wood floors.

Chlorine, on the other hand, has a serious effect on parking lot stripping if the salt is allowed to accumulate on the stripping, causing the polymers in the stripe to dissolve.

Here’s one of our videos that explain some of the less obvious impacts of salt, debris and particulates on exterior and interior surfaces:

Street sweeping – the best approach to remove salt

When the winter season passes, it is imperative that we mitigate the effects of salt on roads, interior floors, parking lots, and even our cars by removing it.

Street sweeping is the ideal process that can clean away salt that has accumulated on surfaces during winter.

Removing salt is important not only because it will preserve paved surfaces, it also saves the environment by reducing the salt that could be washed on to plant areas and water catchment areas.

Municipalities employ street sweeping that uses the latest and most efficient equipment to remove as much salt from the roads, parking lots, and pavements as possible.

If you have a road, walkway, or sidewalk that you care for, take some time to implement a plan for professional street sweeping.

The goal is to clean away the salt left over from the winter, preserve the paved surfaces, stripes, and floors and save money in the long run.

Need a salt removal plan? Call us at 732-886-1940. We’re professionals in all types of street, parking lot, and garage deck cleaning. Sorry, we don’t don’t floors but can provide you with excellent street sweeping.

Street Sweeping: How Urban Renewal is Accelerating C & L Services Growth

Street Sweeping – Critical for Urban Growth

street sweeping urban renewal - sweeping.comThe first successful urban renewal was carried out on the Devil’s Acre slum in Westminster, England in 1889.

Social reformers, philanthropists, and municipalities have discovered the amazing benefits of restructuring the urban characters of densely populated areas of the city as a tool to spur and accelerate growth.

The rapid and ever-subjective industrialization around the world has forced many areas around cities to become cramped as vital services are shared by more people than originally planned.

C & L Services is at the forefront of driving change to help people in urban areas live in healthy environments through professional street sweeping services. The company, founded on a mission to improve the quality of life within the municipalities it serves, has been at the forefront of driving supporting the environment for urban renewal projects.

Street Sweeping and Development of Urban Growth

The rapid development of urban centers in New Jersey demands a company with a team of passionate conservationists with state-of-the-art equipment.  This company will provide the sanitary needs of thousands of new residents and entrepreneurs that urban renewal projects attract each year. C & L Services provides more than just street sweeping but a comprehensive list of services to maintain municipalities and comply with stringent EPA requirements. C & L enjoyed accelerated growth by providing required services in these rejuvenated urban environments.

C & L Services has also won awards for dedication to environmental conservation and the quality of services offered. It is no secret that C & L Services is a top choice for all the municipalities that they serve. C & L’s services are particularly invaluable in these times of urban improvement and rehabilitation – when old and run-down buildings are refurbished or replaced with modern buildings and housing.

Emerging neighborhoods also find the seasoned street sweeping companies such as C & L up to the task of maintaining properties and cleanliness levels that strengthen the confidence that the people have in their living environment and municipal leaders.

Street Sweeping – Helping Attract Investment

Considering that urban renewal in the US is often meant to persuade individuals to come live within the city and for companies and entrepreneurs to invest capital in previously neglected areas, C & L is proud to be a part of this renewal process. Our continued growth is a result of the long-term positive prospects for continuing urban renewal all over New Jersey.

Even now as the cost of commuting rises and the cost of land higher than ever, the shift of people moving toward urban centers to cut costs and enjoy greater convenience has encouraged us to think of more creative ways to tackle renewal challenges.

Street Sweeping – Continuing Importance To Urban Renewal Growth

Urbanization is just over a century old, and with the way cities are flourishing with life, urban settlements will just keep getting denser and denser. Street sweeping services are going to enjoy continuous demand.

Municipalities are making huge investments in renewal projects as well as in population support infrastructure and services including expansion of health services and amenities.  C & L Services is properly equipped and prepared to improve the quality of lives of the people whose rejuvenated city settlements we clean.

Have questions or comments?  Call us at 732-886-1940 or leaves us a comment below.  We’re serious about our commitment to urban renewal and how we support growth through street sweeping.

Street Sweeping: The Top Five Reasons to Trust Your Street Sweeper

Street Sweeping – More Than Meets The Eye

street sweeping trust - sweeping.comBeautiful neighborhoods, clean streets, and hygienic public spaces are only a part of the reason why street sweeping deserves respect.

Most people do not realize it, but street sweepers do a lot more than just sweep dirt and debris; their work goes a long way to protect water resources, prevent floods, make roads passable by clearing the junk that blocks water drainages, and generally remove pollutants that could damage the health and well-being of the community.

Click here to look at all the different types of stuff street sweepers pick up.

Street Sweeping – A Time Honored Occupation

While most people do not give much thought to street sweepers, they have been around for hundreds of years…almost as long as organized human settlements have existed.  Street sweeping is now considered necessary for present-day waste disposal and has become a part of modern culture.

Street sweepers stand out in the work they do because it is obvious when streets are not clean and the normal debris of modern life piles up. Street sweeping professionals are trusted to do their job well and are often expected to go the extra mile to work when the rest of the city is asleep.

Here are the top five reasons why you should trust them:

1. Street sweepers are dedicated to their work
Since the street sweeping industry has embraced education, street sweeping has grown to become a profession with industry associations and professional certification.

Your local street sweeper is a member of a group of professionals focused on improving the quality of work they do. Street sweeping is more of a calling than just a job.

2. Street sweepers have the right tools for the job
Advancement in technology has provided street sweepers with many benefits. Today, Professionals in this industry use cutting-edge technologies and equipment. Street sweepers apply their professional expertise to remove all types of dirt and debris as well as potentially harmful contaminants and pollutants.

This is economically smart because it gets the job done right, fast and cost effectively.

3. Street sweepers improve the environment
Our cities and neighborhoods would be unsightly—perhaps unhealthy were it not for the work street sweepers do. Their primary job is to sweep debris and litter and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has regulations and guidelines in place that guide street sweepers how to collect and dispose of all types of potentially harmful trash to protect the community.

4. Street sweeping maintains and improves the value of real estate
Perhaps the most noticeable benefit that street sweepers add to our world is improving and maintaining the value of real estate.

The curb appeal of a clean street without litter improves the perceived value of the properties in the neighborhood. Whether it is a city, town, or neighborhood, proper street sweeping boosts the value of property.

5. Street sweepers are a part of the community
Street sweeping is a profession that provides stable jobs to tens of thousands of people across the nation.

Most professionals in this industry specialize in a particular state or region and will often have roots to the community they serve. These professionals play an active role in contributing to the community both in and outside work.

Making the city or a neighborhood clean and habitable is everyone’s responsibility, but street sweepers make the most visible contribution to ensure this happens.

The next time you see a clean street, remember someone dedicated time and effort to make it that way.

Looking for a trusted street sweeping partner?  Please give us a call at 732-886-1940.  We’ll be glad to give you a quote and share out passion for street sweeping.

Street Sweeping – New Trends That Sweeps Streets Clean and Safe

Street Sweeping – Evolving to Higher Standards

street sweeping -
Flexibility, environmental sensitivity and well maintained equipment are in demand by clients

The street sweeping industry has become more competitive. With more professional street sweeping companies entering the industry, clients are demanding ever higher standards.

Have a look at the variety of new and different types of debris that needs to be “swept up”.

Any company which desires to remain competitive needs to keep in tune with the ever-changing customer expectations and demands. This requires paying attention to the emerging trends which are shaking up the industry.

Understanding the latest trends, and adjusting operational standards, practices or services accordingly is essential for any company which wants to remain competitive. Any company which ignores these trends does so at its own peril. So, what are the latest trends? Well, here’s a selection of that are getting the most attention in the industry.

Sreet Sweeping Trend 1 – Versatility in Service Delivery

The days when street sweepers simply swept streets are over. Nowadays, clients want companies which are versatile. This means that the companies can handle clearing any size of debris, at any scale, and under any condition. Versatility also means that street sweepers can provide services beyond merely sweeping streets. Among the extra services clients demand from street sweeping companies are portering, replacement and repairs.

To be versatile, a company needs to first of all invest in equipment which can handle various street sweeping and cleaning projects. It also means companies need to provide a variety of street cleaning services which stretch beyond sweeping. Finally, versatility means tapping into emerging technologies to enhance service delivery. For instance, forward-thinking companies now employ technologies like GPS and mobile apps to simplify resource allocation and coordination of their services.

Finally, versatility means tapping into emerging technologies to enhance service delivery. For instance, forward-thinking companies now employ technologies like GPS and mobile apps to simplify resource allocation and coordination of their services.

Street Sweeping Trend 2 – Flexibility with Communities

Having fixed working schedules may have been a virtue in the past, but not anymore. Clients nowadays want flexibility in cleaning schedules. They prefer companies which can schedule their cleaning operations in what is normally considered off hours. This includes, for instance, after 4 or 5PM on weekdays, or even on weekends.

Even as they desire flexibility in scheduling, clients expect minimum interference or inconvenience from the cleaning operations. For instance, they expect the cleaning equipment to be quiet enough not to bother them with irritating noises.

To be flexible, companies need to discuss with clients what their most convenient cleaning schedules are. They also need to invest in equipment which is as quiet as possible. Finally, they need to hire individuals who are willing to work beyond the standard 8 to 5.

Street Sweeping Trend 3 – Environmental Concerns

Most clients today are concerned about the environment. Specifically, they are concerned about their own carbon footprint. Many clients are now avoiding environmentally unfriendly cleaning services that contribute to environmental degradation.

Clients now prefer street sweeping companies which are eco-friendly. They expect companies to use cleaning chemicals which are biodegradable and safe for the environment. Companies need to place such standards into consideration when purchasing cleaning materials.

Street Sweeping Trend 4 – Professional Development

There was a time when street sweeping was considered menial work. Street sweepers were expected to have a basic education and not much commitment to the work. As such, clients did not expect more than basic street sweeping from their sweeping contractors. Well, not anymore. Clients are now raising their expectations of street sweepers. They expect them to be professionals with experience and committed to high levels of customer satisfaction. They are not willing to tolerate unprofessional conduct or mediocre performance.

To adapt, many street sweeping companies are now adopting professional standards for their staff and operators. This includes joining professional organizations, continuous education, and professional certification. Such companies are setting higher standards of conduct in the industry. Any company which wants to stay competitive needs to adopt similar standards.

In a nutshell, the street sweeping industry is changing rapidly – as new players enter the market, and client expectations continue to rise. To remain competitive, a company needs to pay attention to the emerging industry trends and alter their operations accordingly.

The latest trends which are sweeping through the industry include versatility in service delivery, flexibility with communities, environmental concerns, and professional development. Any street sweeping company which desires to remain competitive needs to adapt its policies, standards, and services according to these new realities.

If you’re looking for a street sweeping service that is dedicated to adopting the newest trends, give us a call at 732-886-1940.  We’ll be glad to talk with you about how we are raising the bar in street sweeping.

Municipal Street Sweeping – The Love-Hate Relationship Between The Public and Municipal Street Sweepers

Municipal Street Sweeping – A Necessary Service

municipal street sweeping - sweeping.comMunicipal street sweeping is a necessary service that every community must have to remove the debris brought about by everyday living. This service does a lot more than we appreciate — besides making the streets tidy and beautiful, street sweeping also helps control pests.

Municipal street sweeping also safeguards the environment by properly disposing of materials such as non-bio-degradable plastics and other types of non-degradable trash.  To get an idea of how much trash is picked up, here’s an article that details the mountain of debris, dirt, and trash encountered by the municipal street sweeping services.

To understand the passionate love-hate relationship between the public and the municipal street sweeping, in this post, we will focus on street sweeping.

Municipal Street Sweeping – What People Love about Street Sweepers

Life would be difficult in cities and urban areas if street sweepers had never been conceived. The safest and cleanest cities thrive because they have a workforce that regularly removes trash and debris from the streets and ensures that they are properly disposed of. Neighborhoods look great and very attractive because street sweepers take the time to clean out all the eyesores and litter.

If you live in a neighborhood with an efficient street cleaning service in place, you should never take it for granted because someone wakes up earlier than you to clean the streets on your behalf.

Neighborhoods look attractive because street sweepers take the time to clean out litter, debris, and accumulated dirt. If you live in a neighborhood with an efficient street cleaning service in place, don’t take it for granted because someone wakes up early to clean the streets for your benefit.

Cities and neighborhoods that are considered clean and livable often have municipal street sweepers working at all hours to ensure it is so. Homes in such neighborhoods enjoy higher market value because of enhanced curb appeal. Consistent street sweeping, coupled with effective environmental conservation, are a sought after criteria when evaluating the “livability” of a community.

Municipal Street Sweeping – What People Don’t Like So Much about Street Sweepers

While municipal street sweeping has its pros, this service is not devoid of cons. For starters, in many communities and cities, people have to park their cars on the street. Residents find it inconvenient to have to park their cars somewhere else during the street sweeping day. The inconvenience may seem inconsequential but considering the number of people affected, there is a lot of complaining.

No one ever likes to clean up after someone else, even the municipal street sweepers. It would be great if  no one litters.  If there were no litter, there would be no need to spend money on municipal street sweepers.

However, funding for the labor and equipment for municipal street sweeping comes from taxes and frankly, people are not fond of paying taxes. People do enjoy the fact that a municipality takes the responsibility to clean the streets, but no one likes paying taxes to meet the cost of this service.

Municipal Street Sweeping – A Boon To Society

Street sweepers are a vital part of the existence and normal operation of cities and urban neighborhoods; without them, organized urban societies would struggle with health and environmental challenges.  We need them and manage the pros and cons for what they do to keep our societies safe and functioning.

Looking to keep your community clean and looking good?  Call C & L Services at 732-886-1940 to discuss your needs for municipal street sweeping.

Street Sweeping – One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

street sweeping trash - sweeping.comStreet Sweeping for a Messy World

As a professional street sweeping company, we’re actually glad that the modern world is a messy place.  Here are some startling facts about the trash:

  1. Our modern society produces an enormous amount of waste. And that waste production is increasing. By 2030 the amount of household waste will almost double to 3000 million tons annually.
  2. Every bag of household waste has produced approximately 70 bags of waste from the production process used to produce the goods that we used and then throw away.
  3. Most waste goes to landfills or is burned. Burning waste creates the world’s largest source of dioxins, which is one of the most toxic chemicals known to science.

And as a responsible street sweeping company, we would like to see waste disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.  We like to believe that we’re leading the way with effective street sweeping practices (we’ll list those in another post) and by using environmentally safe cleaning solutions in our street sweeper and garage scrubbing equipment.

In our opinion, the best way to help with effective waste management is to pay attention to up-to-date practices, keep equipment in tip top shape and constantly measure our street sweeping practices.

Street Sweeping Trash – Different Types for Different Places

One of the most interesting forms of measurement (at least to us) is the different types of waste that are generated by different environments.  That is, what type of trash, garbage, and debris does our street sweeping find in the different areas that we sweep?

We conduct street sweeping throughout New Jersey.  Depending on the different areas, we have to plan and prepare our equipment for different types of materials.  Here’s some interesting statistics based on our equipment management and reports from our street sweeper drivers.

Urban Trash

We are contracted to provide street sweeping in cities such as Newark, New Brunswick, Trenton, Princeton, and Freehold.  Ok, some of those locations are smaller, but interestingly, produce similar items for street sweeping.

Here are the common types of trash and debris we sweep up in urban (city) environments:

  • Paper – newspapers, flyers, brochures, menus
  • Aluminum cans – people drink a lot of soda
  • Cigarette butts – we’re seeing fewer and fewer as time goes on, but there’s a lot of butts
  • Food wrappers – people like eating on the run
  • Seasonal items – People in a rush leave these behind
    • Hats
    • Gloves
    • Umbrellas (mostly broken)
    • scarfs
  • Plastic bottles – Mostly water. Cities have lots of thirsty people
  • Overflow from poorly contained trash – Sloppiness is everywhere
  • Car parts – People are not aware when something falls off
  • Oil – Old cars
  • Grease – All cars

Jersey Shore Trash

We also have contracts with many different New Jersey shore towns.  The NJ shore areas we cover include Stafford township and street sweeping in Long Beach Island, Surf City, Harvey Cedars.

We cover some of the beaches in Monmouth County as well including Cliffwood Beach and Laurence Harbor.  The debris from street sweeping in shore locations is quite a bit different in type and quantity from our urban street sweeping and includes:

  • Sand – of course
  • Cigarette butts – the beaches are the world’s biggest ashtray. The butts get blown from the beach onto the roads
  • Food wrappers – Many picnics and tailgates at the shore
  • Plastic bottles – Both water bottle and lots of ice tea bottles
  • Plastic bags – stores all those picnic items
  • Cups, plates, knives, forks, spoons – Again for the picnics
  • Straws, stirrers – People like straws
  • Glass bottles – Mostly beer
  • Aluminum beverage cans – Beer again
  • Paper bags – It’s funny, people put all their trash into a paper bag and then don’t throw away the bag!

Suburban Trash

Moving from the cities to the suburbs creates trash challenges as well.  We’re contracted by many municipalities in New Jersey such as Edison, Woodbridge, Old Bridge, Hamilton, Middletown.  Here some of the street sweeping goodies we find there:

  • Grass – Must keep our lawn looking nice, but you shouldn’t throw the grass in the street (many do)
  • Leaves – Lot of trees, lot of dead leaves
  • Cigarette butts – Nobody’s allowed to smoke inside anymore
  • Food wrappers – A lot of people eat in their cars and throw the wrapper out of their cars
  • Plastic bottles – Mostly water
  • Paper bags – The leftovers from fast food
  • Bugs – Ick, can’t be helped
  • Dead birds – We feel bad for this, we love birds
  • Household waste – Lots of people don’t use a cover on the trash cans. A little breeze and there’s trash all over.
  • Dead shrubs – Guess what…garbage trucks don’t pick up this type of trash in many towns

Rural Trash

We have a few very rural areas where we conduct street sweeping.  Not as many as cities and suburban areas, but we perform street sweeping in areas including Monroe Township, rural parts of Freehold, Old Bridge and many others.  Here some of the things we find with street sweeping in these rural areas:

  • Leaves – Where’s there’s trees, there big piles of them
  • Dead vegetation – Why does it seem to end up on roads?
  • Tree branches – Where there are leaves, there are lots of branches
  • Animal carcass (birds, rodents, squirrels, etc.) – Sad to find these
  • Plastic bottles – What…are the squirrels drinking bottled water too?
  • Sand – Mostly from rain runoff
  • Pallets – Yes..the wood pallets you find in warehouses.
  • Pine cones – We have lots of pine trees in New Jersey

Construction Trash

And finally, we have street sweeping contract for many different commercial and residential construction sites throughout New Jersey.  The street sweeping debris from a construction site is our biggest street sweeping challenge because some of it is so large (and potentially dangerous).  Here’s what we find in construction street sweeping jobs:

  • Dried mud from runoff – Generally big chunks of it
  • Sand from runoff – Similar to rural areas
  • Concrete pieces – All different kinds from cinder block to drips from a concrete truck
  • Asphalt pieces – From road pavement
  • Wood pieces (shims, 2×4 edges, trim, fypon) – Most wood is disposed of properly, but smaller pieces blow into the road
  • Vinyl shavings (from siding) – Same as small wood pieces, it blows into the road
  • Asphalt shingles – From roofing
  • Beer cans – Beverage of choice for construction professionals
  • Food wrappers – They have to eat lunch too
  • Uneaten food – No need to throw it the trash, let’s just throw it on the floor!
  • Chunks of grass, earth, and gravel – Can’t be helped, it’s a construction site
  • Cigarette butts – Does everyone in construction smoke?

We Care About Street Sweeping

Well, there you have it, probably the most comprehensive list of different types of street sweeping trash that you’ll ever encounter.  Do you care?  Probably not…but we do.  We care very much about street sweeping trash.  We need to have the right professional with the right equipment for the right area to do the most effective and efficient street sweeping job.

It’s what we do.  Yes, we care about street sweeping.  Give us a call at 732-886-1940 if you care about street sweeping too.

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