5 Ways To Make Your Tennis Courts Look Amazing

Tennis Court Resurfacing – Players Blame Bad Tennis On The Surface of the Court

If you are a tennis player, you know how frustrating this game can be. Many people, at one time or another, have not been proud of how they acted on court. Emotions (generally frustration) have cost a few matches over the years.

There are certainly many aspects in the game that need to be in place in order to play good tennis.  The tennis court surface is one of them. When a tennis court becomes old and worn,  it’s time for a tennis court resurfacing.

Here are the 5 Ways to Make Your Tennis Courts Look Amazing:

Amazing Tennis Court Resurfacing Tip #1 – Fix Puddles

Puddles on the court are a nuisance for several reasons. They take different shapes and run in different directions. Although they are undesirable, they are commonly a result of a dips in the court surface. However, puddles can be eliminated with resurfacing.

During the resurfacing project any existing puddles can be filled in with special filler materials or asphalt. If the puddle is caused by decay of the underlying substrate, the area must be excavated, filled and then smoothed.

Amazing Tennis Court Resurfacing Tip #2 – Remove Peeling And Flaking

Over time, tennis courts naturally develop imperfections such as peeling and flaking of the protective coating. Unfortunately such things are inevitable with age. When you see these flaws, think about tennis court resurfacing.

Actually, if you initiate a tennis court resurfacing once every three to seven years, you can avoid this unsightly appearance and make the tennis court look and feel like brand new.  Happy Homeowners and clients are far easier to deal with when they see good looking courts.

Amazing Tennis Court Resurfacing Tip #3 – Fix Cracks

Most tennis courts develop some type of cracks.  These cracks are often caused by exposure to weather conditions especially in areas with extreme changes in temperature.

In the northern portion of the US, the weather can get quite cold causing substantial contraction and expansion to the tennis court surface. This in turn makes court resurfacing necessary.

The best solution is to have a professional evaluate the surface, diagnose the cause of cracking, and suggest a remedy accordingly.

Amazing Tennis Court Resurfacing Tip #4 – Smooth Blisters And Bubbling

Apart from the repairs mentioned above, there are several other issues that may need attention. For example, blisters and bubbles can begin to appear in the court surface over time.

These imperfections are commonly the result of moisture trapped under the tennis court coating or sloppy application of the coating.

Blisters and bubbles can be smoothed by injecting acrylic latex or mastic to re-adhere the coating and smooth the surface.

Amazing Tennis Court Resurfacing Tip #5 – Keep The Court Clean

This is probably the least expensive but most effective tip for keeping your tennis courts looking amazing.  Keep the tennis court as clean and dry as possible.

No one likes to play on a dirty court, so make it a habit to remove debris, dirt and dust at the start of each day. If too much dirt builds up over time, not only is it unsightly, it can cause the court to deteriorate.

Cleaning the courts daily will help you avoid all these issues.

Tennis Court Resurfacing Pros

Looking for professional tennis court resurfacing?  We’re responsive, reliable, affordable and make your tennis courts look amazing ! Call Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as C & L Services) at 732-886-1940.

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  1. This is true, people underestimate the impact of weather and usually wait too much before considering regular maintenance, then one day, it’s too late and the job is even more expensive.

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