When Leaves Fall, Issues Can Arise – Here is Your Property Manager’s Winterizing Checklist

When autumn arrives, the leaves are pretty to look at, especially during peak season in New Jersey. However, now that the leaves have mostly fallen they can become a primary concern for commercial property owners. There are a few things you should remember when taking measures to mitigate the problems caused by leaves piling up. Here is a list of issues that can arise from fallen leaves and a winterizing checklist for property managers.

The Nuisance of Fallen Leaves

It may be shocking how many leaves fall and ultimately build up in the Garden State. Not only do the fallen leaves take up a lot of room, but they can become unsightly if not properly disposed of. As a property manager or property owner, it is your responsibility to prepare for these issues. Large amounts of leaves can cause safety hazards like slipping, falling or trip hazards. Leaves can also clog drains, inlets and catch basins which can lead to more expensive issues down the road.

Clearing Gutters and Drainage Systems

Making sure you’re your gutters and drainage areas are cleared and maintained before, during and after leaf season is crucial to mitigating damage from leaves piling up. Large amounts of leaves can clog drainage grates and catch basins, which can lead to flooding. When the catch basins fill and overflow, there is a chance the walls of the catch basin can collapse, requiring significant repairs.

catch basin repair and inlet repair from C&L Services

Measures to Mitigate Leaf Damage to Your Property

There are many things you can do proactively to mitigate damage from fallen leaves. From cleaning gutters to clearing drains and intakes, it is important to maintain your property to avoid larger problems in the future. Here is a list of additional items that can help mitigate leaf damage to your commercial property.

Property Managers and Owners Winterizing Checklist

  1. Gutters – Have a plan to regularly clean off the roof and clear all gutters and downspouts. This will lessen the likelihood of damage to buildings, structural damage, or damage to the foundation of the building.
  2. Drains, Catch Basins and Inlets – Keeping drains, and inlets clear of leaves, sticks and debris is critical to avoiding flood damage from clogged catch basins. The puddles caused from drainage problems can turn to slick ice in wintertime.
  3. Pruning Shrubs and Bushes – It is best to remove all those dead branches before the ice storms come. One gallon of water weighs 8.3 pounds and when the water ices over deal trees and limbs, it can affect buildings, vehicles, people and even power lines.
  4. Blow Out Your Irrigation Lines – When underground pipes freeze, there is really no way to know about it. If a pipe freezes it can leak water for months and you may not find out until next Spring.
  5. Regular Street Sweeping – Regularly street sweeping your commercial property will help water flow clearly into the drains and inlets. When hiring a company like C&L Services, the drivers also act as eyes on the ground who often spot minor issues for property owners before they become larger, more expensive issues.

TIP: Performing regular maintenance and periodically checking and cleaning of storm inlets and catch basins will help you avoid more costly repairs down the road.

If there is catch basin or inlet damage, or if you want to schedule regular street sweeping – please call the professionals at C&L Services for a free quote and emergency service, or fill out a form by clicking here!

No matter where your pavement is at in its current life cycle, C&L Services can inspect and recommend a maintenance program for you that will save you money in the long run. How long your parking lot, driveway or roadway lasts all depends on if it is being properly cared for. Contact us today for a free estimate (732) 886-1940 or click here for more information.

C&L Services is well known in the industry for their street sweeping fleet and highly trained staff. Over the years they have expanded services and now offer a variety of property maintenance and pavement maintenance services, including pavement repair, concrete repair, garage scrubbing, power washing, inlet repair, line striping, seal coating, and signage and bollard installation.

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